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  • jgee1982 jgee1982 Aug 3, 2011 10:37 AM Flag

    why o why

    did i not sell @ $35?

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    • I agree with the sentiment in responses to the original message here. I am so tired of "traders" dragging down "investing", this market would be much more stable if they could only take the casino out of it. No more options, shorting, naked this or derivative that... most likely the big reason, if not sole reason we have such patterns in the charts. I guess the "smartest guys in the room" became the "laziest guys in the room" and got tired of having to actually research what to "buy" and "sell", the only two terms that should be allowed in "investing".

      NGLS has single handedly saved one of my portfolios. I bought it back in January of 2009 in he $10 range and in addition to the price rise, I have enjoyed the nice divvies as it has been put here. This downward/sideways channel we are in now that the impatient "trader" above talks about reminds me of the April/May period last year, 2010, where NGLS took a breather from $27 down back to $20, just to ramp up again and truck along to $35 land.

      So, if NGLS wants to take a small breather in order to prepare for a journey to $45 and beyond, please do so. Just not sure it will be as dramatic of a run as the last year or so was judging by volatility and momentum. Unless, as mentioned here, politics helps stoke the fire. Nonetheless, enjoying the divvies.

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      • I generally don't comment on people and their views. However, I take exception when people tell me what hero's and genisis' they are because the bought when there was a meltdown in entire market. Almost anything bought when Nlgs was 10 has the same return. Folks ngls was the same price as today JUNE 2007.
        I have followed mlps for over 15 years. I have lost 100's of thousands of dollars in 87 2002 2008 in the general market. I made a decision in 2008 to only concentrate on mlp's. Because of it I was made whole by the group. The art now is to SELECT which mlp is the best. Presently you should be in mlp's who have a stake in wet gas drilling-processing-delivering. Those with only ng transmission are not doing well. NGLS is in the middle of the midstream group. Not outstanding but good. So the lesson is study the midsteam group and especially their INCREASE in distribution percentage. It is not about distribution percentage but distribution plus price increase, That is due to distribution increase

    • why o why dont you sell now ?

    • this will be one of the last stocks i ever sell...sit back and collect the divy.