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  • profit_hunter profit_hunter Jul 12, 1999 5:39 PM Flag

    Correction post 2525

    Number mentioned on last post was at another board with the in- trader. Error on my part. Will post, Pass Post #----

    Retired guy!

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    • Gasoline rose almost 3 percent to a 22-month high
      after a
      government survey showed a decline in U.S.
      inventories last week
      at the height of the driving

      The U.S. Department of Energy report followed one
      from the
      American Petroleum Institute yesterday
      that said gasoline had its
      second straight week of
      demand above 9 million barrels a day, a
      sign of
      strong motorist demand. Pump prices last week rose to
      21-month high, according to a separate DOE report on

      Prices were additionally boosted after Mobil Corp. said
      explosion and fire early today shut a hydrogen plant at its
      Angeles-area refinery, causing some other units to operate
      full capacity. The company wouldn't say which other
      units were
      affected at the 160,000-barrel-a-day

      The inventory reports from DOE and the
      industry-funded API show
      that gasoline supplies have fallen
      for seven consecutive weeks,
      dropping 8 percent
      since the first week of June. The DOE said
      supplies fell by 3.5 million barrels during the
      ended July 23. (Bloomberg)

    • Good humor accompanying good information are always appreciated. Keep them flowing.

    • If you go to their web site at they
      will replay the whole thing over in its entirety
      including the Q and A''s about 50 minutes long.I think
      we have seen the bottom as far as rates are
      concerned as well as may take a while which
      tidewater was explaining as well as merrill lynch for the
      rates to rise but basically what they were saying is it
      can only get better from here.Hope all you investors
      have the time to wait.There is a big payday
      coming.Here's to all you that have loaded up on shares during
      the "bad times".Good luck.GO TDW!!!

    • EOM : Eat Ostrich Meat or End Off Messege
      IMHO:Idiot Morons Have Opinions or In My Humble Opinion
      Each have 2(or more) meanings ,its up to you to figure out which!
      Good Luck!

    • Hello! I'm new and would like to understand your "secret" phrases: what does EOM & IMHO mean?

    • I listened only to the replay which did not
      repeat the Q & A portion. More info may be available to
      anyone who listened to the live CC. Here's summary of my

      GOM day rates down since last Q but seem to be
      leveling off. Got contract for large supply vessel
      recently acquired and one crew boat. Utilization down from
      last Q. O'Malley seeing some signs of possible

      International rates still well above GOM but average is down
      from last Q. Utilzation also down overall (78% to
      71%). Happy to have sold off safety boats (non-core
      bus.)and bought new boats.

      Overall impression is
      bottom has been hit but doesn't know how long before
      significant recovery will take place.

    • At least I take this as good news. What does everyone else think? Will this make any difference in the stock price near term?


    • <EOM>

    • Did anyone get a chance to listent to the conference call? Any summaries/opinions?

    • Earnings out 0.30 for the quater right on line with expectations.

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