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  • jimsjolts jimsjolts Dec 26, 2011 5:16 PM Flag

    Reasons to buy/keep TNGN

    I became aware of Tengion about a year ago when a dear friend was contemplating bladder removal. The operation was a success, however, it was clear that the alternative Tengion will provide once trials are completed would have been a SUBSTANTIAL improvement. Reason 1: Current methods are risky.
    The operation is one that has a high mortality/morbidity rate. Not only does the urinary tract need to be opened, but the intestinal tract. Then the conduit or neo-bladder needs to be fashioned. My friend's operation lasted 11 hours. Using intestinal material for urinary purposes is also fraught with long and short-term side effects.
    Reason 2: The market is large.
    Although I couldn't find exact data, something on the order of 10,000 cystectomies are performed in the US yearly. That's a very large market.
    Reason 3: It looks like the make or break hurdles to the success of the technology have been passed. Several successful surgeries have been performed.
    Reason 4: Tengion holds substantial IP, worth far more than the current market cap.
    Reason 5: Several large investors stand to lose big money were Tengion to go out of business. It won't take a lot of money for Tengion to continue operations to get them through Phase I on the urinary conduit. The money will come. Too many with deep pockets have a vested interest in the company to see it fail.

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