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  • zmanj_54 zmanj_54 Aug 6, 2009 8:37 PM Flag

    the merger...

    Can the DBLE technical and production team overcome the Dole effect?

    Can DBLE overcome the Dole effect???

    IMHO.....DBLE not in good hands......BOD asleep at the wheel and exec mgmt doing their level best to keep DBLE looking like an ugly duckling.

    Larger float increases the potential for more market maker manipulations for eventual takeunder.

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    • zmanl;;I know many investors believe market makers can hnfluence the prices,however usually they try to make an orderly market.When the public place many buy orders they increase the prices to reduce the amount of shares they buy for inventory and when they have a big inventory they reduce their prices to sell the shares.Many years ago my broker allowed me to make a merket thru him.only one or two stocks and I alweys had to have a cash balance,I was accumulating a position in small stocks that only traded 3 or 4 thousand shares a week.coe

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      • >>>they try to make an orderly market<<<

        not talking to polyanna here

        what is that investment house sound bite for regulators

        if there were more tranparency in the trades amongst brokers (which SEC continues to push for) then the ability to manipulate would be dramatically reduced

        ?ever heard of blowing the stops?

        if you havent' then you are the polyanna in the crowd

        the market is all about manipulation ..... once upon a time it was a leading indicator of economic activity

        now it is just a casino game run and controlled by the Goldman Suchs of the world