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  • shorting_sad_sack shorting_sad_sack May 22, 2002 9:05 PM Flag

    Is there a lawyer out there?

    I told him not to wait til the last 2 seconds to snipe but he didn�t listen to me and the auction ended early and now I�m left out in the cold and my life long dream that he promised to help me realize is gone. Can I sue him for this? Does it make a difference that he may be a distinguished professor at matchbook university? Thanx.

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    • We settled the class action! I just got back from my lawyer�s office with my coupons for five free merry-go-round rides. Ebay must of broken down and paid my lawyer all the $10 million he wanted. But I don�t know for sure. I was so excited about the coupons I ran out of his office and forgot to ask. All I know is that my lawyer was celebrating the end of the class action lawsuit with some other lawyers. They were drinking champagne and smoking big fat cigars.

      My lawyer told me that these class actions are a great way to make the world a better place to live in and force the bad guys to change their bad behavior. He said that even though in the settlement ebay denies that it did anything wrong and says that it was paying money just to end what it is calling a costly and time consuming nuisance lawsuit, that this was just a lawyer technical point that us non lawyers wouldn�t really understand but everybody would know that ebay really acted badly and it was embarrassed by its bad conduct and it would never do it again. Ebay�s CEO Jeff Bezos (who posts here sometimes using the name �madbezos�) will know better next time and not act the way he did to deprive people like me of our dreams.

      I�m so impressed with how well our system of justice works! Me and the class members got great compensation and the wrongdoer got punished and my lawyer got rewarded for his hard work and great results. I wonder. If only fleabay could work as fairly as our great legal system maybe then I would no longer be so critical of it.

    • As far as I�m concerned the settlement is a go! I asked my lawyer when I will get my merry-go-round coupons. He said �not so fast� because the lawsuit has a hold up. He said that in these kinds of lawsuits the good guys like us who are suing the bad companies can force them to pay our lawyer�s legal fees to reward him for his hard work and great results. My lawyer said that he demands $10 million but that ebay refused to pay that amount and he won�t agree to accept any less. I reminded him what he said about lawsuits. He said that in lawsuits as well as in life we must be prepared to make compromises for the overall good and that sometimes it�s better to accept something even if it�s not exactly what we originally wanted and that although I wanted to be launched into outer space I agreed to the merry-go-round compromise so maybe he should consider accepting a little less.

      My lawyer explained to me that there are some things should be compromised and other things that shouldn�t and that as the lawyer it was his job to figure out what was really important and what was not so important. He explained that the purpose of getting ebay to pay him $10 million was not only to compensate him for his hard work and great results but to make a statement to the world that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated and so he could not agree to accept one penny less even if that means fighting the lawsuit to the end even if it took 10 years or more because he was a man of principle.

      A tear came to my eye when I heard his inspiring words. If you ever need a lawyer I hope you are as lucky as me to get such a dedicated person to help you in your cause.

    • I was still feeling disappointed about the settlement arrangement where we would all get five free rides on a merry-go-round instead of being launched into outer space. I asked my lawyer why we can�t just fight until we get what we deserve. My lawyer explained that turning down the generous settlement offer would be risky. He said that the lawsuit could drag on for ten years and that there is no guarantee that in the end we would win. He said that whether we like it or not ebay is a powerful company with a lot of money and it could fight the lawsuit for years and wear us down. He also said that madbezos is a very influential professor and that all the leading professors in the country would come to his aid and defend him including Alan Bigmouth who would go on the Larry King show to criticize us.

      I thought about what he said and decided that the settlement was not so bad after all. I�m actually beginning to get excited about it!

    • madbezos my lawyer told me that I shouldn't talk to you until after the lawsuit is over. I hope that after the lawsuit is over and you have suffered great misery and financial ruin and humiliation as punishment for your wicked conduct in conspiring with ebay to deprive me of my dream of being launched into outer space that after all that is over and said and done that we can go on being good friends just like before.

    • My lawyer tells me that we may be able to settle the class action lawsuit against ebay and madbezos for the wrong they caused us by preventing us from having the opportunity of being launched into outer space to escape the ebay octopus even if only for a day.

      In the proposed settlement arrangement we would agree to drop the lawsuit and in exchange ebay would provide every class member with coupons that would entitle each of us to five free rides on a merry-go-round. I told him that I was disappointed with that because I really had my heart set on the outer space experience. He said that it�s a really good offer by ebay because the merry-go-round rides would be completely free and while riding on the merry-go-round that goes round and round and up and down if we close our eyes we can image that we are in outer space and free from the clutches of the ebay octopus.

      He said that in lawsuits as well as in life we must be prepared to make compromises for the overall good and that sometimes it�s better to accept something even if it�s not exactly what we originally wanted. I�m glad to have such a wise person as my lawyer.

    • When I told my lawyer that there were others who felt they were wronged by ebay and madbezos such as myidistaken he told me that we could start a class action against ebay and madbezos. He said that to join the lawsuit the other people only have to say that they too planned to place a bid in the space station auction to fulfill a dream of being launched into outer space to escape the ebay octopus even if only for a day. I said that surely there must be hundreds or thousands of others who feel that way. My lawyer said that united as a class we would be that much stronger and we should be prepared to fight for what is right and not give up until we get them to admit that they wronged us and we get them to compensate us in some way for the great loss that they caused us. My lawyer�s great leadership is giving me renewed strength.

    • I hang around the board to hear the slurs and slander. I love the links people post of all these off the wall websites. The reason I asked is because we placed a bid on that auction in the early days and have a desire to go to space. Especially after that Imax movie.

      EBAY SUCKS for a long-term stock. It will be a $30 stock. yahoo deal?


      All of us shorts on this board are planning a trip to Hawaii with our profits. All the longs get to stay home and lick there wounds. Lets stay in Maui. Hmmm. Should we start packing our bags this month or next???????? :-) We can even book our tickets on eBay-- ohhh woops, I forgot eBay sucks... I guess we will book them on Travelocity or somewhere legit.

      eBay is a joke. Nobody wants to do the postal thing, and shipping is so darn $$$$ It use to be $3.00 now its about $6.00 in less than 3 years.

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