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  • aifamrit aifamrit Jul 13, 2004 1:36 AM Flag


    E-Bay has been alienating many power sellers lately. A large group of E-Bay powersellers approached an independent company which runs a local auction website which was featured on the ABC news in Western NY, the power sellers were interested in setting up an auction site which would allow them to sell items easier and have better support. This company has launched a website which has been live for less than a week and is seeing thousands of visitors a day. I would recommend everyone take a look at it. They are giving sellers $500 worth of listing credits to sell their items and bring in traffic.
    Visit them today

    BidStay It's Hard To Stay Away

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    • I'm not fond of EBAY from a lot of aspects including lofty PSR. PE, NOL's, money printing machine of option issuance, and a business model with minimal human inter-action.

      Simply put, EBAY is a flying pig.

      That aside, I will fully admit EBAY is well entrenched in the auction arena and your solitication is feeble to say the least.

      Eh......a disgruntled group of O W E R sellers having few to sell their trinkets and baubles to is more of less inconsequential to the movement of the stock price. It's about a notch above that in terms of impact to EBAY's operations.

    • What kind of fraud protection do they offer for each purchae, $200 like ebay? thousands of visitors, wow, that's almost .5 of a second's worth of ebay traffic.

      Integrated online payments? Integrated shipping and labeling? global searchability and payments?

      You can bet the powersellers making money on ebay aren;t doing anything to mess that up, and are doing juuuuust fine on ebay and those that aren't, aren't for a reason!

    • ok, I'm hoping SOMETHING can become an alternative to the 800lb gorilla ebay has become, but, I don't think Bidstay is it. Went to the site and looked at a good sampling of auctions. Not one (1) bid had been placed. None. Nada. Zippo.

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