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  • bizarro_gullible bizarro_gullible Mar 15, 2005 6:26 PM Flag


    he said he does NOT like Ebay and is pumping Yahoo...Yahoo up about .30 since this happened, ebay down .10 AH

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    • LOL! i swear...i thought you named yourself captain! i didnt know you were given that God...i guess my perception is not off by that much...velocity had you pegged...

    • so says the wizard of oz....

    • "You don't hear about Cisco in the news, like you used to everyday from 1995-2000. Why is that? Same thing will happen to eBay. People will just move on, to a better way to get what they want, which is to buy from real vendors. There comes a time when people grow up, and don't want to deal with the hassles anymore, its not worth their time. "

      I beg to differ there (yes, again). The reaosn you don't hear from CSCO, stock market speaking, is because there's no ACTION there. None. It was at the height of the bubble, THE internet company (as well as the biggest company -in market cap- in the world. All the action was there. They'd buy companies the way I purchase chocolate cookies, by the box, several a week. Now, nothing happens at CsCo or CISCO. They are, for all intents and purposes, in a maturation state, just like -or very similar to- ORCL, INTC and MSFT.

      Nothing can be further from eBay, a company still decades fro maturity and growing at 4-8 times the pace of any of those companies. We have just scrapped the surface of the potential of eBay which will be reached not before 10-15 years, maybe more.

    • yes, what i wanted was not competitively priced and hard to find...i settled. I got the solitaire from dirt cheap. 1.22, hearts and arrows, EXCELLENT cut, VS1, G color, GIA i recall, $4800...or there about...he had the pair of .75 and the solitaire...if i didnt like the solitaire, i was going to send it back and get the studs...instead i wanted both...but he made a mistake in the price of the studs..(i suspect he made a mistake becuz you dont lose diamonds and your right, i knew EXACTLY what i was looking for) my friend from india...1/2 carat studs, vvsi d color and these were so brilliant i needed sunglasses to look at her..

    • K, the problem is that what you want is so specialized you're not going to find the competion in pricing. If you HAVE to have that cut, first thing is to drop from D to EF. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference in a million years and D's get a premium. I doubt you could tell VS1 from VS2 either, but in case they aren't grading really well, VS1 might be better to try for.

    • Well time for me to forget about the market until the morning.

      Hope to see you all in the morning. I would love for a nice gap up, but unless some suprisingly good news comes out I dont see why it would. I can definitely see it retesting 37.50 early on, and if it cant pass that mark, I dont plan on being Long and Wrong again.

      G'night all

    • oh i remember those days.....i bought a 3 carat saphire...gorgeous. BUT i was new and worried so used ESCROW...the stone came in and appraised out $1500....i released the funds thru escrow to the seller...$200!!! (i paid the escrow company their $20)i wear that stone to this day...

    • how wonderful!!! i was really happy with siri when it was $9....i bought a thousand at $2.80 and am holding forever...

    • Yes, in those rare cases, you always want to have backup. :) For the MOST expensive item I ever bought, before Paypal and all the protections you have now, I agreed with the seller that she would send a ring to a local jeweler. When it appraised out as stated, I wired her the money and she okayed it for the jeweler to let me have it.

      Glad THOSE days are over! :)

    • i looked very closely on ebay...i was looking for a pair of vs1, d, hearts and arrow stones for earrings...about .75 points each OR 1+ carat, vs 1, hearts and arrow solitaire...this guy had the ear studs..shenoa..f/b was good...when the diamonds came in, i went back to check the f/b and realized he had a truckfull of negatives that had been reversed...then dirtcheap had similiar studs.... 3/4 carat, d, VS1 or VVs1...$6k...i had him hold them for me over the weekend...on monday i called to order them....he couldnt find them...he said i must have remembered wrong becuz if he had them they would be 9K....

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