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  • lorilol lorilol Dec 14, 2006 5:34 PM Flag

    Ebay has nowhere to grow. It's stale.

    Ebay has no proprietary technology. No know-how. Because of their excessive fee structure buyers not getting deals that they used to find and sellers pushed to increase starting/reserve prices on their goods. Other internet portals often have better prices than Ebay, which was unheard of 5-10 years ago.
    All this coupled with awfully amateurish software, terrible search engine and lack of buyer protection spells the demise of this internet auction site.
    Lets be realistic. This is internet auction site, nothing more. It has brand recognition without brand appreciation. Because the brand (Ebay) doing nothing but increasing fees and milking this cow till it dies.

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    • Ebay service is absolutely pathetic and must be run by autistic adults. Whenever I have to do anything on the site, like update my credit card, I end up clicking into no man's land. I can't tell whether the people who run ebay are incompetent or just don't really care because they are sitting on a gazillion dollars in stock options.

      Still, they are the only game in town for auctions, there is no competition, and they will continue to make tons of money.

    • Short it lop!!! Fuck everywhere i go always a savaior 2 save a bunch of strangers money sell here strong sell that geee!! I can care less if all you peeps go bank rupt as long as i make money hows that???

    • Watch what the institutional buyers are doing, and follow the technicals. Last low on RSI 10/02/06 at about 41, then it went up. MACD looked about the same as it does right now. Only difference between 10/02 and now is the Money Flow is two times higher and looks to possibly be on the rise (all from daily view). And no, I'm not long or short or anything with this stock, I watch it for a buddy of mine cuz he dosn't know to much what he's doing with these things.

    • Ya, you have to look at the demographics of the situation. When Ebay first came out it was basically "one of a kind". It had enormous growth potential, because it was cool and, dare I say, "cutting edge". Everyone was jumpin on the bandwagon with all the hype. Now, most people who would buy or sell stuff on Ebay have done so and probably most continue to do so, at least I do. It was a great investment. But now Ebay has NO PLACE TO GROW OUT TO. Everyone who is in, is in. Sure, they can go international, but don't you think foriegners have already been using the American site? The growth story is over, and any rational person who is not a social retard can see this looking at the demographics. Skype and Paypal might help to increase revenues, but Skype more than likely will need lots of promotion, and its up to society if they are ready to move on to this VoIP technology, and I don't think most are. Look at Vonage. I don't now one person who VoIP, and I live in a large city and know lots of people. Hmmmmm.......

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