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  • brad_welsh brad_welsh Jul 31, 2007 11:28 PM Flag

    Ebay vs the NRA

    Well looks like Ebay just decided to alienate another large group of users, by expanding prohibitions on gun items. Remember these are not guns, but related items which there is a large market for. But Ebay is taking it one step further saying "it's the right thing to do". Therefore, not only are they driving away a group of sellers/buyers, but they are playing around in the NRA's realm, one where the members are strong with core beliefs. Ebay doing this will be a direct attack on what these people believe and they are the most loyal of the loyal and I'd imagine Ebay just alienated a few million users in the process. Here's the link: The NRA news has already picked up the story, I'd imagine there is more to come from them on this front. Shareholders have to ask yourself if you like your company driving away selling categories and users.

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    • great join the fight and stick it to those anti-gun ebay weenies! CANCEL your ebay & paypal accounts TODAY and visit my new website KISSOFFEBAY.COM

      Let's see how low the ebay stock can go!

    • I thought it was funny. Not as funny as watching a certain "someone" go over the top out of control over this subject but funny just the same.

      "Someone" on this board, whose panties are in a big ole bunch, cannot seem to grasp the difference between a law abiding citizen who owns a gun for protection and a law breaking criminal who uses a gun for kicks.

      This "someone" seems to stereotype anyone who owns a gun as a redneck. Some people are just narrow minded like that.

    • Well it wasn't intended for your enjoyment, gun-grabber.

    • Hey elike - tell me, do you have a bunch of canned responses saved on your hard drive somewhere or do you custom type them all for me? Those must have taken up a lot of your time. I'm flattered! I guess that makes you my biaatch!!! By the way, I seem to have stumbled across a resume. Is it yours by chance? LMAO!!

      Ms. Ima Gunhater
      Screen name: elikeebayII
      345 Gunban Way
      Left Coast, CA 91584

      Phone: 1-900-BONE-MEE

      OBJECTIVE: Alienate as may people as possible and make enemies.

      EDUCATION: Finished 6th grade after repeating it twice.

      EXPERIENCE: Age 20 - Did extra household chores for mom

      Age 25 - Operated a lemonade stand for an
      entire summer and grossed $12.75

      Age 30 - Cleaned restrooms at highway Loaf & Jug

      CURRENT OCCUPATION - Full time board melter
      at Yahoo ebay message board

      REFERENCES: Mom, Dad and mental health counselor

      HOBBIES: Bashing gun owners on stock message boards, eating,
      sleeping, pooping.

    • elike, elike...tsk, tsk! You didn't do the homework assignment I gave you so you flunk Common Sense 101! And you continue to flash your irrational rage and your hatred, for some odd reason, of lawful gun owners. I've reached the conclusion that you are either a mental institution patient who the staff occassionally let out of her padded room for good behavior to use the computer, or worse, an undiagnosed paranoid schizo suffering from grand delusions. Honey you need help! We've got to get this anger of yours under control! You may be a danger to yourself or others. I'm sure it must be tough, you know, with your inability to control your emotions and wild mood swings, the ongoing struggles with your sexual identity, etc. But fear not! Hope is not lost! There are trained professionals who can provide you the myriad of medications you so desperately need to treat your illness. It's not too late! LOL

    • I'm always amazed at you people and wonder what was the factors in your life that turned you into complete fools.

      In Kennesaw, Ga there is a law that requires all homeowners to have a firearm. Imagine if that law pertained to all US homeowners. This doctor could have saved his family the horros of rape and death. I pity antigun people.;_ylt=An17R3smuID4CmCOcH178QtvzwcF

    • Factoids for the woefully uninformed and intellectually bankrupt (i.e., myopic anti-gun zealots such as the poster "elike"):

      1.) There is a high probabilility that loss of life at Virginia Tech would have been greatly mitigated if there had been even one armed student or teacher there to confront Sueng-Hui Cho.

      2.) "Gun Free Zones" like at VT are a joke because someone who's decided to commit mass murder doesn't give a rat's ass about whether he's breaking some gun control law - DUUUUHHHHH!

      3.) The police can't be there to stop every violent crime pepetrated against every individual 24/7. They have enough to worry about already.

      4.) Elderly and infirm individuals need guns to protect themselves from larger and stronger assailants.

      5.) Regardless of what laws are passed, it is impossible to remove the roughly 250 million firearms already in circulation in the US alone.

      6.) Harsh gun control laws insure that above mentioned guns transfer to a black market readily accessible by violent criminals but inaccesible to decent citizens.

      7.) Gun control does NOT equal crime control. It's just counterproductive politics and an issue that has cost the Democrats dearly I might add.

      8.) Despite its costs, private gun ownership is a net benefit to a free society.

      9.) Statistics show that guns are used far more often to prevent various crimes every year than they are to perpetrate them.

      10.)The world will always be filled with dangerous predators who thumb their noses at stupid gun restrictions.

      As for you elike, your homework assignment tonight is to memorize the above 10 factoids - if you can fit them all into your shriveled, atrophied little brain - and educate yourself (gasp) on this issue. Then come back when you know what you're talking about.

    • Hey all you former eBayers! Check this
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    • Leaving government with the guns and disarming citzens, just promotes dictatorships and abuse of the people, as the government knows people have no means to fight back. Gun ownership is part of FREEDOM and a right, not a priveledge. You have the right to defend yourself.

    • Elike,
      You're going to get the last word on this one. 1) I'm not whoever your think I am. 2) Guns are ALREADY legal. 3)Whenever there's an issue of any kind, proponents of that issue will jump at any chance to promote their position. Anti-gun people and Pro-gun people chimed in after VT shootings. So the tragedy was used by both sides for their own reasons, forgetting that this was the action of a lone nut, who would have acted out in the manner he did, whether he had access to a gun or not. 4) Let the citizens of "other civilized countries" run their own household through whatever form of government that have. USA will run it's household through the democratic process. The democratic process creates a lot of debate so get used to it. Some benevolent dictator that will cure the US of all of it's ills isn't going to show up and solve all the problems with a wave of his hand. 5) There are a lot of lawless savages in this country. Not sure what part of utopia you live in. So why not let law abiding citizens CHOOSE to defend themselves or not.

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