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  • gewizmeto gewizmeto Mar 14, 2008 10:21 AM Flag


    Boycott or no boycott, things are just not selling here!!! And if they are, it is for a couple of bucks and the seller is giving it away. How long do you think this can last! Next quarter numbers are not going to be good. And will get worse as time goes on for at least the next six months. This is affecting all retail... not just the internet. Gloomy headlines everyday!!!

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    • For what it's worth, a Lehman analyst sent a note to clients that agrees with gewizmeto. It's been posted on Barron's TechTrader blog:

      March 14, 2008, 11:46 am
      E-Commerce Showing Signs Of A Slowdown
      Posted by Eric Savitz

      There are signs of a slowdown in online retailing.

      As Lehman’s Douglas Anmuth reports in a note this morning, new ComScore data shows e-commerce grew 12.7% in February from a year earlier. “”This data continues to suggest more significant overall slowing of e-commerce growth,” a trend which began last month when January e-commerce grew 11.3%, down from 16% in Q1 and 18% in Q3. Quarter to date, e-commerce is up 13%. Anmuth says the data “lends further support to the believe that a slowdown has begun to impact online retail.”

      Anmuth says the data suggests “headwinds in the online retail space” for companies like Amazon (AMZN), eBay (EBAY) and Blue Nile (NILE), and potentially for Google (GOOG) and Yahoo (YHOO) - no need to search for things you’re not going to buy.

      Ex-travel, e-commerce grew 14.3% in February.

      Strong areas included consumer electronics, up 47% quarter to date, video games, up 86%, and event tickets, up 64%.

      Weak areas included apparel, up 7%, computers, down 5%; home and garden, up 4%; jewelery and watches, up 6%; and music/movies/video, down 3%.

    • That's our Charlie! LOL

    • It's been a fact of life here for a long time. Join the resistance. LOL. You don't have to be an Ebay supporter; I'm not, yet I've lost over 50 IDs. Now I haven't had an impostor in two months (someone posting with my name who isn't me), so you should be able to go back and read any Flyktning post (I rotate IDs that begin with Flyktning) and if you see one so offensive that my identity should be pulled, reply with a link to the post. Deal?

    • What happened to the second, fourth and sixth message under this heading? Someone has pulled Ebay_wonder messages off of this board! NOT THAT I MISSED THEM. Does this happen often! Or, Does it only happen when he makes a ass out of himself??

    • I'm in the game, I just signed up with AOB, I can have custom venues there, no reason one can't be Google and another Auction site.. I still have 2 stores on FeeBay. Got my Google Checkout done yesterday. Will eBay allow me to put Google Checkout preferred in my listings? I think we both know the answer to that...

      I'll look into the templates,

      Thank you!

    • I started my website late in 2006. I reduced business on Ebay as I did this. I reserved Ebay for items that sold well consistantly in the past. Though I didn't list much, I noticed the items that sold well in the past were no longer selling well. It seemed to get worse as the 2007 year went on.

      I wanted to keep Ebay as a small sales channel but it just doesn't seem worth it anymore. I haven't listed anything for several months. I have been having decent sales on my website and on eCrater. I'm still keeping iOffer and Amazon in mind.

      FWIW, I've had really good luck with local online sales from advertising the website locally. Buyers can safely see what they are buying before they purchase. Even if you don't have a B&M store for your customers to go, you could offer delivery in a certain area. Or even offer free delivery in a certain area if you can figure it in your cost or a small charge enough to cover gas.

      I do have a B&M store and had alot of repeat business this way as well. If your store is hosted by someone else like eCrater, buy a domain name and point it towards your store. That way it looks like

      There's a world of marketing ideas out there and sellers who have left/are leaving Ebay will have to research and find out what works best for them. is a good place where sellers share ideas with what's working for them.

      We made Ebay work and what it became. Now, we'll just have to take that entrepreneurial spirit and make it work for ourselves.

      Good luck,



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