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  • gewizmeto gewizmeto Apr 6, 2008 2:44 PM Flag

    Ebay has now forced paypal on sellers!

    It makes you wonder how many sellers are going to leave. Seems like a heavy bet to be making on ebays part in this kind of retail enviorment.
    Just tried to list a item and was told i had to offer paypal. Thanks! But i do not need anybody to hold my hand thru the transaction. What happened to the line (we are just a venue).
    It now has become clear that the insertions fees are comming back via paypal by all the people who feel they have to sign up. Not me! All my new listings are going to Ecrater. I have been there on a limited basis.... but from now on all the new listings are going there. Can't wait to see earnings for the past quarter..... next quarters could be interesting as well.

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    • If you want to know exactly how much profit you will make on an item sold on eBay/PayPal.....

      here's a free calculator you can use to figure it out. Just plug in your numbers and hit the calculate button on the bottom right.


      My credit card company and bank ask for more proof of fraud than PayPal requires. PayPal has taken my money for an insured item when the buyer won't file for insurance. They have also given refunds for non-delivery even when there is delivery confirmation. Ever try fighting that? Good luck! A bank or credit card won't do that without proof. PayPal/eBay is a conflict of interests - they will do whatever will get them the most money and to hell with the seller.

    • Forcing Pay Pal is good for the Ebay Community and Ebay marketplace. The reason is that use of Pay Pal makes it much easier for Ebay to reduce fraud.

      Sorry....think of the extra cost as "fraud insurance". This is positive for the marketplace and the buyer experience.

    • << Can't wait to see earnings for the past quarter..... next quarters could be interesting as well. >>

      Skip watching earnings and do your own calculation of market maker stock inventory turnover. It means a hell of a lot more IMO!

    • Ive sold a lot of things on ebay in the last 9 years but Im not in the future. PAYPAL is a rip off to the seller and puts $$$$ in ebays pockets.
      They will suffer just watch!

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