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  • doctor.correct doctor.correct Dec 8, 2008 10:15 AM Flag

    Ebay Is STILL A Giant Unsecure Money Parking Lot. $43 to Now. Falling. Falling

    Hi Market, Alpha, Dr W, Ebayis and any of many pals out there.

    We see ebay paid pumper shills are working overtime to delete words of wisdom as they fill this board with bagholder calling spam. Yet Ebay stuck at $14 (and falling) at its busiest sales season tells the investors reality far beyond any of the spam.

    Ebay is being taught (yet another) powerful lesson, not that it will ever remember it, not that it will ever learn from it. Probably not at all.

    Remember $43 a share not long ago? Ebay fell almost every day after my call for collapse. Now the bar is set even lower. Expect the same slow ongoing demise of ebay.

    #1. You can't disrespect sellers when they are the revenue source.

    #2. You can't disappoint investors time and again or they simply find another place to park their money.

    #3. You can't hire pumper idiots to say claim any facts about ebay that aren't glowing is some kind of NARU hate. Ebay has all kinds of hate, none of it helping ebay.

    It has hate from ripped off buyers and ripped off sellers. The police blotters the world over are tired of hearing overwelming complaints.

    #4. Negative will makes it halfway around the world while a pumper is putting his house slippers on.

    #5. Once bad management, negative will and foul practices have taken route stocks rarely get a second chance.

    But don't worry bagholders, ebay's ongoing stock buyback scamming can inflate it again and again for the shorts. Several short squeezes are in line toward ebay's delisting as just another Enron.

    I don't see how that helps longs. Not one bit. The people who parked $43 dollars here got robbed.

    $43 to $14 is one mighty massive fall. It won't take much more to push this stock down and out forever.

    Word is getting out about ebay. And that can only benefit the shorts.

    This was all easily predicted. I predicted this back at $114. Fact. But I'll never regret the fortune I made shorting this stock. That was money making at its finest!

    And all can be easily continued.

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    • Hey Dr, Well said as always. It's too bad the paid ebay pumpers can't hold it up without having to resort to their endless spamming, pumping, bashing, stalking, harrassing and publicly posted hate.

      But I guess they can't.

      What are investors going to do when the whole sordid story on how the depths this company sank to on its way out is revealed and exposed?

      Enron indeed. Makes Enron look tame.

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