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  • doctor.correct doctor.correct Feb 26, 2009 12:40 PM Flag

    Ebay Is Still A Giant Insecure Parking Lot. $43 to $13. Falling.

    Yes Market and Alpha, and all of my many friends, nothing's changed the almost daily downward trajectory of ebay, and nothing will. Down is the given direction. It's what ebay has earned. Even ebay's stock buy back scam isn't helping much anymore.

    As we all can easily see, ebay is stalled in the 11s now instead of the the 13s. A slow steady collapse.

    That's a far cry from its long gone glory days just as ebay's customer satisfaction, usefullness and even handed enforcement of its rules are long gone, vanished, like the long investor's dollars, like a thief in the night, and thievery now is the very heart of ebay. It has no soul.

    Ebay investors have been as lied to as its sellers, and no changes have been for the better. Reminds one of our present government, wrecked by the last administration, as rule by law is replaced with rule by greed, torture and arrogance, and average investors must adjust to the rules of "no rules" and bailouts only for the useless non-productive rich.

    So why not continue to short? What favors has the market ever done the average investor? Now if you were a dirivitive creating hedge fund out of control cheat stealing from the USA, you'd find your way paved and pampered by the already beleagured taxpayers, but average investors bear the full brunt of a new market that hates them, so short it and short it again and again.

    DC is just like I expected it to be but these new Chicago theives are a slight moral step up from the last bunch, thankfully, but then again Satan himself would be, so hope has not arrived to this writer yet.

    But we'll give B.O. the benefit of the doubt for a few more weeks and see how it goes. Already there has been important info discovered and properly used and positive events could actually turn America around. It would be a miracle. And all the investigations of crimes are going to be painful, if even possible but miracles happen. Good luck.

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