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  • doctor.correct doctor.correct Dec 30, 2008 9:34 AM Flag

    Ebay Is Still A Giant Insecure Parking Lot. $43 to $13. Falling.

    Dec 30 still accurate from Dec 19, 2008: Hi Market, Alphamale, Dr W, Ebayis and any of many pals out there.

    We see ebay paid pumpers working overtime yet Ebay still stuck in the $13s (and falling) at ebay's busiest sales season of the year tells the investors a reality far beyond any of the spam.

    Ebay has been far more than cut in half just in 2008 alone. Ebay has been taught (yet another) powerful lesson, but it still fails to see it, and is still one of the ripest short stocks available today.

    Remember $43 a share not long ago? Ebay fell almost every day after my call for its collapse. Now the bar is set even lower. Expect the same slow ongoing demise of ebay.

    #1. You can't disrespect sellers when they are the revenue source.

    #2. You can't disappoint investors time and again or they simply find another place to park their money.

    #3. You can't hire pumpers to say any facts about ebay that are not glowing is simply NARU hate. When sellers and bidders leave for any reason it's a sign that investors should notice.

    Ebay has ripped off buyers, ripped off sellers. Police blotters the world over are sick of overwelming complaints. Investors are tired of seeing less and less of their cash here day after day and tired of a decade of promises as ebay falls.

    #4. Once bad management, negative will and foul practices have taken route stocks rarely get a second chance.

    But don't worry bagholders, ebay's ongoing stock buyback scamming can inflate it again and again for the shorts. But careful shorts, many short squeezes are in line on our eventual path to ebay's delisting as just another Enron.

    I don't see how that helps longs. Not one bit. The people who parked $43 dollars here got robbed.

    People who parked $15 or $16 here are being robbed. People parking $14 here got robbed. $43 down to $13 is a massive fall. It will not take much more to push this stock down and out forever.

    Word is getting out about ebay.

    This was all easily predicted. I predicted this back at $114. Fact. I'll never regret the fortune I've made shorting this stock.

    And it all can be easily continued as the unlying issues allowing it have not changed. I will post this post as often as needed because every investors here can see that the pumpers remove these facts. It doesn't change them though, does it? Ebay keeps on falling.

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    • Attaboy Doc. Everybody can see ebay has fallen all during its Christmas peak selling season. It's over here except for cleaning up the mess.

      At a time when people across the US need extra income, ebay gives them 30% sell through and endless hoops and fees. It's over here. Over.

    • When a biz school offers this 1/2 credit course the Guest Lecturer will be none other than John Donahoe, ex-CEO of eBay!

    • Hey Dr Correct. Hope you had a fine Christmas/New Year vacation. Thanks for pointing out ebay's Christmas time stock buyback manipulation. It saved me a fortune plus allowed me a restful non-stress vacation, and now, as we can see, ebay can't hold itself up, and we get to all short $14 all over again. Over and over!

      It's just too easy! Too easy!!!

    • "We see ebay paid pumpers working overtime yet Ebay still stuck in the $13s (and falling) at ebay's busiest sales season of the year tells the investors a reality far beyond any of the spam. "

      Wake up fake doctor. You are too easy to out. Just too easy.

    • Get into MELI instead of EBAY for growth. In fact ebay will probably try to acquire the rest of MELI in 2009. MELI only 860 million dollar market cap. Looks just like ebay auctions but has done things differently. Also owns classifieds and has a payment system much like paypal. They have learned from EBAYs mistakes. Triple your money long or get bought out in 09 for a large premium. MELI

    • Hey Dr C and everybody! Thanks for my great Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It's wonderful being rich and even better to sit out trading when the world market is caving in, and ebay pulls out all the buyback and melter pumper slops yet STILL can't get back to $15 during the Holidays. Gee it only needs $58.50 again to break even from the last stock split. When the SEC gets word of this on line Ponzi scheme it's going to make Madoff and Enron look like child's play. Oh well. ,,

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      • Good morning Market and friends, oh how sweet it is, once again.

        Anyone could have predicted ebay would pull out all the stops on its buy back program so it wouldn't end 2008 so badly, and anyone could see stocks would rally a little on the fleeting hope of the new President, since the last one was so horrible.

        It went against my nature going long on such a failed stock but it was a profitable ride to a fine new shorting high, and as we all can see, ebay couldn't keep $15.

        Oh how fine it is to profit on the manipulation of ebay, and to profit on the predictable failure.

        A real investor goes where the cash is and why not? Plenty of room to short this failure. There is still the nagging dissatisfaction of ebay customers issue that'll haunt ebay and keep the shorts in business in the year(s) ahead. Oh well!@

      • What a master plan Doc has. Ebay is totally ripe for such games. It is no wonder the melters tremble apart in his shadow year after year. It's no wonder why he's headed to DC. If anyone can fix this mess and deal a firm justice on the righties, it's that Correct Doctor.

    • Goober.......Ebay has around 4 billion in cash and ZERO DEBT! Prediction....soon they'll start paying a dividend, as they'll have more cash than they know what to do low and count those dividends! Just because EBAY doesn't want to auction your old pez dispensers, you little nail biter, doesn't mean they're in trouble.

    • Thanks for all the free profits Dr Correct! Again and again. Everybody can smell ebay's weakness today. We all see it retracing $14 and soon it will retrace $13. Won't be long until we short profit again!

      It's just too easy! How much longer can ebay hide the fact it's ripping off its own investors and sellers? The word is out. The word is out.

      Too easy to short profit! It's way too easy!

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      • Investors: Ebay Stock/Site In Serious Serious Troubles 1-13-09

        Hey investors: ebay stock and site is in serious serious troubles and mangement does nothing but allow it to fester and get worse.

        Ebay seems to think that investors swollowed all these massive levels of unexpensed shares to its CEO and employees so you won't notice when they slowly buy them back.

        I guess you don't notice that ebay hasn't traded in the $100 range for years, hasn't ever made back a $33 range, and can't even pull itself out of the $14 range.

        Ebay wants these shares as cheap as possible to buy back, screwing you longies, and they can activate the buyback scam at any time, screwing you shorts.

        To keep serious matters obsfucated, ebay hires endless numbers of spam bots and psychos to live on this, and their other, ebay boards.

        It's simply the facts. No emotion involved except I get so tired of seeing the American investors get taken advantage of by ponzi scams.

    • " "like a fine tuned Maserati, of which I have a very fine collection of classics."

      Are they all still in their unopened prestine blister packs?

      I hear Matchbox has a new color out!

      Pink Polka Dot"

      Listen to you, with your make believe business and make believe 'truth' about ebay trying to belittle someone else. You are waaay to small to do that to anybody, except your other ID's.

      Those who got out in time are and will survive. You, sadly will be on this board, when there is nobody but you and all your little ID's-there won't be a need for a board for ebay-can you guess why? Just imagine, you can PUMP unhindered then,really, it'll be fun!

    • marketendgaming marketendgaming Jan 29, 2009 10:33 AM Flag

      Isn't it sweet Doctor Correct to be correct over and over and over? Yes it is! And it's great I have a huge collection of classic Maseratis all purchased with my ebay short gains, #114 down to $12 a share. I know it twists the board's mental patients but it wouldn't bother them at all if they were fake and ebay had not crashed from $114 to $12. But it has. It did. And I do. More falling to come. ,,

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