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  • rialto288 rialto288 Jan 12, 2009 4:35 PM Flag

    eBay Wants Its Sellers Back

    This change is a non-event,

    This change is a non-event, something eBay is famous for. If they were truly listening to sellers, custom delays would be toward the bottom of the complaint list. When you're strapped to a rocket, there's little you can do to adjust acceleration (although Meg certainly tried with nearly every acquisition, sans one, from Blackthorne forward; HUGE loss of money, HUGE). And now they're offering two rimshot payment services that are virtually invisible to customers globally. Maybe the plan is to use the eBay community to boister the volume to add value to a new eBay acquisition. What's wrong with Google checkout? How about Yahoo. Something people actually use. It all goes back to the basic eBay matra, do unto others that which benefits only us. Therein lies the eBay problem.

    The feedback system stinks!

    The feedback system stinks! Sellers are encouraged/prompted to leave feedback for buyers, but the only choice is positive! Why have a feedback rating for buyers at all?! Sellers can get ripped off on Ebay just as easily as buyers.

    When I go to a REAL auction and win something, it's 'mine' whether I like it or not. NO REFUNDS. I can't wait a week or more to square up, nor can I punk out on my purchase. I can appreciate the 'customer is always right' philosophy, but Ebay goes too far.

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      I have been on ebay for over a decade.

      100% feedback.

      And since I am just like ebay, in that I will not ship for free, I am punished. My listings hidden.

      We do not need the DSR's

      Isn't 100% positive feedback, ID verified, and over a decade, a pretty good seller?

      And I am just like ebay, in that I will accept checks. But I am punished if I say so.

      And a seller on ebay for a month, with a negative, is rated as a Best Match, over me. Because they ship free.

      And ebay wonders why I don't like ebay anymore?

      And ebay allows one of their millions of fake users to sign in, and buy it now.

      Bad email address. Fake home address. Fake phone number, ruined my listing that had 15 watchers, and they would only allow me to post positive feedback.

      And they wonder why...

      And ebay posts millions of ads that compete with listings.

      And they wonder why...

      So many people who loved ebay, now hate ebay.

      Dump them.

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      • How true!

      • AMEN If Ebay wants sellers back they need to get rid of Hidden DSR Ratings and the no negative for the buyer.

      • eBay stock is realistically at 35 dollars.

      • elike.seichiro Jan 14, 2009 12:36 PM Flag

        For Ebay:

        There is even a realistic target at $65, but I am conservative.

        eBay should be rated higher, that's for sure.

        As we can see today the stock has been doing great.

        I predict the ebay stock do rise by the end of the week to
        about $25 and by March to be at $45 a piece.

      • Seichiro says:

        I notice that most of the comments are posted by sellers. I am writing from a buyer's perspective; and I love ebay. Why? specifically because of all the complaints: With ebay I have a greater choice of items (and sellers) that I will ever get from some of the private online stores. That is because there will always be sellers willing to deal, unlike those "power sellers" that have posted on this blog. The best way to get anything free on ebay is to do the following: bid on an item, wait 5 days, file a claim against the ebay seller, leave negative feedback, provide a phoney paypal transaction number. The poor seller will be more than happy to now send you the merchandise FREE, since, in return, you promise you will agree on a MFW a mutual feedback withdrawal. A seller is helpless, as ebay suspends sellers, for as little as 3 negatives received, even, if they get 1000 positives in the same timeframe. ebay and paypal ALWAYS rule against sellers, so a buyer can do what they want. Once you receive the FREE merchandise, be nice enough to let ebay and paypal know you got it, and move on to the next seller on ebay you can con. My friends and I have used this approach often, and gotten great merchandise, psp, iphones, playstation games and more. Thanks ebay. Now, I read the feedbacks of sellers, whose items I ant to bid on. In leaving, I see the comments listed and am sympathetic with the sellers position, but I remind you that it is a consumer market and the buyers on ebay are your rulers.


        Dishonest buyers can now get anything free on eBay following the simple
        formula: With the new Feedback rules being implemented at eBay, It is the
        perfect time to start getting something for nothing from eBay, while playing their own game. (or at least what they are encouraging:

        Rules: eBay 1) Find item you would like to bid on eBay 2) Place Bid on the item
        eBay 3) Pay for and receive the item eBay 4) Post negative Feedback eBay 5)
        Have Seller issue refund eBay 6) Retract Feedback if you want eBay

        The above method will actually cause 2 effects.
        1) you stand a excellent chance of getting your item(s) for FREE!
        2) this will also cause sellers eventually stop using eBay once they realize they can not make a living in this environment. Mass Exodus to ebid, ioffer, ecrater, bonanzle, etc.

        If you use the Pay Pal service you can easily prove item was paid for removing any unpaid item strikes. If any are even incurred. Most sellers are so relived to have a negative strike removed very few even report an item as unpaid. With ’s new Feedback system, bad buyers are playing within the rules they have set. But then again, who wants to trade in such a hostile environment, facing discrimination, unwarranted suspension as well as (newly implemented) random suspension of sellers.


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