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  • kekeke.seichiro kekeke.seichiro Jan 19, 2009 11:47 AM Flag

    eBay Wants Its Sellers Back


    Don't be so critical of eBay!

    ebay shares never have and never will drop below $10 a share.
    ebay is a safe investment: It's the economy, stupid!
    ebay is an internet giant, it will exist forever.
    ebay has never and will never lose a lawsuit.
    ebay controls the internet: it owns eBay, Paypal and Skype.
    ebay values freedom of speech, due process and free and fair trade.
    ebay seller fees have decreased.
    the feedback system on ebay is fair and does not discriminate against sellers.
    ebay hardly ever suspends sellers.
    If a seller is suspended, they are automatically reinstated after 5 days (no more faxing documents needed).
    ebay offers phone support to assist sellers and buyers.
    Paypal does not hold sellers money for 30 days.
    ebay values sellers, treats them with dignity, courtesy and respect.
    selling on ebay is fun, easy and hassle-free.


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    • Ebay does hold sellers funds for 21 days+ and they do suspend sellers. Try listing a computer, you will see a blurb on them holding your funds under the payment section.
      finally on the feedback problem, sellers must maintain a 4.3 star rating in each category or they are penalized, on a 1 to 5 scale i would think giving a 4 rating would be good performance, unfortunately this will be bad for the seller. This could all be fixed by a note explaining ebays rating system to users

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      • Yah, BJ_hardman....

        I am "coming" back to Ebay as hard as your metal-cock will allow!

        For all retards, linguistic wastes, high-school drop outs and ebay-bagholders:


        look up irony on wikipedia, if you know how to, LOL !!!!


        As a former EBAY powersellers, it has been obvious to me that there is a sinister, selfish and cruel aspect to the way that EBAY and it's CEO John Donahoe have implemented their changes with EBAY and PAYPAL.
        Obviously, Donahoe & crew KNEW they would put thousands if not hundreds of thousands of small dealers out of business. They also knew they would create a MASSIVE economic disintermediation in the collectibles & antiques world. EBAY built it's business selling itself to these sellers as a "LEVEL" playing field. Of course, Donahoe is also an executive at BAIN & Co, who historically destroy companies and their employees while agregating huge benefits for themselves. Their cruel and dismissive explanation that only "BAD SELLERS" would be put out is a crock of @#$%.
        It is also clear that PAYPAL has unsustainable business model because of the level of BUYER fraud. EBAY/PAYPAL's answer? To put the losses on sellers, not honestly investigate disputes, and to place longterm hold on significant seller accounts, misappropriating those funds to bolster the share value and cash on hand for the corporation.
        Donahoe and crew are amoral and very poor business people. Anyone who has run a company knows that sustainability depends on crafting a win for the company, employees and customers. EBAY's unreliability has already killed it, and deservedly so. The stock market will catch up later... as it did with ENRON, GM and a host of others.


        Also, anybody wanting to sign-up on eBay to sell

        Read this, BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO SIGN UP:

      • Feedback dont count for much anymore it is th DSR's that caused me to close my stores f ebay

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