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  • rxtian1 rxtian1 Feb 5, 2009 8:04 PM Flag

    eBay Wants Its Sellers Back

    I sold on ebay since March 1998. 1700 (for some reason, I now only show 1217) (100%) positve feedback. 800 Paypal transactions without a problem. I knew that the loss free experience w/paypal could not go on much longer. The Paypal UA is the "Bible" for Thieves worldwide.

    I quit selling in jan. of 2005 because I could see the "handwriting on the wall". Nothing but lies, spin, and an absolute unwillingness to curb buyer and seller fraud.

    ebay is too far gone for me. What ever minsicule changes to the feedback or payment policys ebay is planning; it will not be enough to get me back. Just another ebay scam. Tiny changes that affect almost no one, or changes that almost no one needs or can use.

    Sellers can't leave negative feedback? Ok, I can sort of understand eBay's reasoning; but the DSR system still stinks.

    As long as I can not choose how my buyers send payment, I will not list anything at ebay. That means no mandatory Paypal, and you bet I take Checks, MO, or my own Merchant Account that I would Never use thru Paypal's payment gateway.

    Paypal is a 2nd class payment service as it is; the other (Non-Nerchant Account) ebay approved payment services are 3rd class outfits.

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    • I was both a buyer and a seller on ebay from 1998 to 2008. I objected to the radical policy changes and closed my account in August 08 and never looked back. I didn't buy and sell a ton of stuff, but I was one of the loyal customers that helped ebay rise to the success it was. Myself and many others are frankly pissed about the changes and ebay's unwillingness to listen, so we just plain quit. My biggest thing was being forced to use Paypal. I'm not interested in Paypal, I bought and sold using primarily money orders and only had 2 or 3 disputes over 10 years. I understand ebay owns the site, but I think they forget who pays the rent. ebay served me well over the years, and at one point was my only source of income. Now I can care less about what happens to the company.

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