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  • elike.seichiro8 elike.seichiro8 Jan 14, 2009 2:42 PM Flag

    There is NO ALTERNATIVE to eBay and PayPal!

    People must understand:

    There is NO ALTERNATIVE to eBay and PayPal!

    If you know an alternative, NAME IT!!!!

    You cannot, becuase there is NONE.


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      Get your head out of 1995, ebay is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Of course eBay manipulates its own shares, they easily can, because they paid off the SEC, FTC and FBI. THUS, NOBODY WILL EVER INVESTIGATE THEM !!!!!

      Ebay treats customers, especially Sellers, like disposable diapers, and cares flattened horse-poop about ANYBODY OR ANYTHING !!!!

      eBay should be taken off the internet, for wasting people's time!!!

      Comparing websites to sell on (NO... eBay is NOT #1 !)

      Computerworld surveyed over 20,000 sellers in the last year (2008-2009), about their experiences on online selling. Here are the results!


      The website you DON'T WANT TO SELL ON IS EBAY. They care a rat's fart about sellers, have no customer support, and you will be suspended for simply selling a pencil. Of course, they keep your positive seller account balance, and will never reinstate you again, after following their bogus eBay fax document reinstatement process. eBay shares have risen, based on speculating Amazon will buy out eBay. RATING: F


      Until Warner Bros. recently took over ioffer, it was not a bad site to get a bargain. Now Warner Brothers and other so-called "eat-my-own-puke" C.O.P.S. will suspend you, even if you list 100% legitimate factory-sealed original & authentic merchandise. Positive account fees of suspended ioffer sellers are refunded, though. A sheer waste of time website. Rating: D-


      Wannabe ebay site. No traffic, no sales, just some so-called customer support reps, who will put your account on hold or suspend you for no reason, whatsoever. Don't buy a seller+ lifetime ebid membership. Why should you? Too expensive, to pay $59 flat just to be suspended and then file a Paypal claim against them, to get your money back. Lacking customer support. Ebid behaves as if its the next ebay, but doesn't live up to it. Time and money waster. Avoid! RATING: E


      No customer service, almost as bad as ebay, horrific website design.
      Don't bother. No hits, no traffic, no sales. A shameful waste of time. Avoid it. Rating: F


      Fun and easy to use website. Very low final value fees for sellers. Keep out of disputes between buyers and sellers. Will only suspend you, if you directly steal money from buyers, and don't deliver goods. Great customer support. Let's you import feedback from other websites, treat people with respect and courtesy. Plain and simple fun. Rating B.


      Where else can you sell anything 100% free? No listing fees, no FVF, a haven for sellers of anything. Fantastic customer support, will remove unjustified or retaliatory negative buyer feedback (since sellers cannot leave feedback for buyers). Easy to use, import items and set up shop. Again, THERE ARE NO SELLER FEES. Top rated website, the number one alternative to any other website for sellers on the internet to date. Rating A.

      Strong Sell Strong Sell Strong Sell Strong Sell Strong Sell

    • ecrater, bonanzle and ebid are alternatives,

      they make people money.

    • the alternative for sellers is clearly amazon. amazon has gone up while ebay has fallen. the charts show that emazon is clearly taking market share from ebay.

    • And YOU thought eBay was bad: IOFFER.COM is WORSE !!!

      I stopped selling DVDs and Blu-Ray on eBay in 2008 when the eBay V.E.R.O became to bad.
      The eBay Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program got out of hand and forced many sellers offering legal products, like DVDs and CDs, into suspension.

      So many then many sellers moved on to ioffer.

      We listed 5 brand/new factory sealed Blu-rays on ioffer, we had bought two weeks earlier on Amazon:

      Batman Begins [Blu-ray] (2005)
      March of the Penguins [Blu-ray] (2005)
      Twister [Blu-ray] (1996)
      I Am Legend [Blu-ray] (2007)
      300 [Blu-ray] (2007)

      Two days later we received a notification from the Warner Brother C.O.P.S. (Counter Online Piracy System) that our listings were infringing on their copyright (which is 100% untrue), and our ioffer account was thus terminated.

      We contacted the Warner Brother C.O.P.S., provided valid Amazon receipts POP (Proof of Purchase) for all items: WB did not care, or act on our behalf, apart from sending us a useless template suspension message.

      ioffer does not care about people being unrightfully and unlawfully suspended sellers, stating it is none of their business: "iOffer Customer Service can not assist you with COPS removed items."


      Ioffer is dying a slow similar eBay-like death by not standing up for their sellers, and being intimidated by WARNER BROS, for example. It is thus, NOT A VIABLE WEBSITE FOR SELLING, and serious, professional sellers will have to look elsewhere* to list their items.

      WARNER BROS (WB) is a company that blatantly violates people's rights as consumer/customer.

      You may not want to purchase any Warner Bros. products anymore (Myself, family and friends have stopped!) as WB continues to violate constitutional rights of others under the guise of copyright infringement. WB, today, has become Orwell's BIG BROTHER, it pretends and acts as if it is the police, or law enforcement, when, in all truth, it is just a privately held company, desperate for survival by bullying and intimidating others, and by default, others freedom and legal rights. In that way, WB itself has become involved in illegal activity, which seems to know no boundaries.

      So, having said:

      start selling and buying at companies*, which are NOT intimidated by VERO, or COPS systems, treat people like human beings and put the customer/consumer first; among them are:

      These are growing fastly and will treat you with courtesy and respect, unlike eBay and ioffer, apart from actually being fun and generating sales.
      Spread the news, tell all your friends, family, business partners about them!!!!

      I am sending this story to all blogs, media outlets and news agencies around the world!

      Ken Attkinson
      Chicago, IL

    • donahoejohn Jun 4, 2009 4:56 PM Flag

      As a former EBAY powersellers, it has been obvious to me that there is a sinister, selfish and cruel aspect to the way that EBAY and it's CEO John Donahoe have implemented their changes with EBAY and PAYPAL.
      Obviously, Donahoe & crew KNEW they would put thousands if not hundreds of thousands of small dealers out of business. They also knew they would create a MASSIVE economic disintermediation in the collectibles & antiques world. EBAY built it's business selling itself to these sellers as a "LEVEL" playing field. Of course, Donahoe is also an executive at BAIN & Co, who historically destroy companies and their employees while agregating huge benefits for themselves. Their cruel and dismissive explanation that only "BAD SELLERS" would be put out is a crock of @#$%.
      It is also clear that PAYPAL has unsustainable business model because of the level of BUYER fraud. EBAY/PAYPAL's answer? To put the losses on sellers, not honestly investigate disputes, and to place longterm hold on significant seller accounts, misappropriating those funds to bolster the share value and cash on hand for the corporation.
      Donahoe and crew are amoral and very poor business people. Anyone who has run a company knows that sustainability depends on crafting a win for the company, employees and customers. EBAY's unreliability has already killed it, and deservedly so. The stock market will catch up later... as it did with ENRON, GM and a host of others.

    • well, Craigslist is a great alternative, however, you're limited to your local area. Ebay has all the traffic.

      Sites like bonanzle and ioffer just don't cut it.

    • "There is NO ALTERNATIVE to eBay and PayPal!" -- Should read:

      At the PRESENT TIME there is NO PRACTICAL alternative to eBay and PayPal.

      Other than on this message board I have never heard a single person utter a positive statement about eBay.
      If an unbiased poll could be taken of eBay sellers I would expect in excess of 90% of respondents would voice a negative opinion of eBay.

      The longer eBay management keeps their heads buried in the sand, the more time a viable alternative will have to become established.

      Why is eBay's stock price in the toilet and being shorted with virtual impunity? -- investors recognize the importance of the reversal in revenues and the lack of growth are the precursor to a slow painful death for eBay.

      I will guarantee that no institional investing houses are "loading up" on "cheap" eBay stock. No sane person would look at eBay stock as a long term investment.
      eBay stock has the smell of death on it due the eBay's revenue reversal. The focus is now on the inept ebay management, a management that could screw up the proverbial white dream.

      Gone are the days when the euphoria of eBay's unique marketplace could overcome stupid management policy decisions.
      Ebay is now a mature marketplace where the bulk of the revenue comes from business savvy sellers. These business savvy sellers recognize that eBay has utter comtempt for them and their businesses and have chosen to find other venues to sell their goods.

      Just got an email from Bargainland inviting me to view their new venue at Bidtopia.
      Bargainland last year was eBay's highest volume customer, eBay idiot management managed to anger Bargainland (and I wondered why they didn't care about me a $1000.00 per month customer).
      Note: Bargainland eBay auctions were prefaced in bold print "BUYER BEWARE" and further stated they were a liquidation outfit and that 'what you see is what you get'. Despite the pre-warnings the buyers whacked Bargainlands feedback and DSRs unmercilessly getting them in trouble with eBay pristine seller policy.
      Good example of eBay protecting the stupid buyers that couldn't miss Bargainland's warning that Bargainland didn't evaluate the item being auctioned and 'what you see is what you get'.

      Biggest seller on eBay hit the bricks because of ebay management stupidity -- little pipsqueak $1000.00 per month fee payers like me hit the bricks -- what do we have in common? -- WE DON"T APPRECIATE BEING TREATED LIKE S#*!.

      • 3 Replies to agqut
      • Bargainland states:
        "We were doing tens of millions of dollars worth of business with them ..."
        After achieving success with their own auction website, Bargainland stated:
        "Laughing, St. James said he wished he could say that this has been the company's plan all along. However St. James said that achieving identical ASPs but with more bids per listing on its own site (compared to eBay) was a total surprise."

        The loss of eBay's largest volume customer not only subtracts tens of millions of dollars from eBay's revenue stream, it also demonstrates to other large sellers that they also don't need eBay.

        Bargainland not only found success with its own auction website, it has done something more devastating to eBay -- it gives other abused sellers the confidence THAT THEY CAN DO BUSINESS SUCCESSFULLY WITHOUT POLICY UGLY EBAY.

        Drip, drip, drip..... the large revenue producing sellers slip away to other venues. Could this alone be the smoking gun for eBay revenue reversal?

        eBay treats their best and largest customers like $#!%, is it any surprise that medium and small customers are treated like dirt?

        eBay management are just plain downright stupid!

      • Some ebay facts:

        ebay shares never have and never will drop below $10 a share.
        ebay is a safe investment: It's the economy, stupid!
        ebay is an internet giant, it will exist forever.
        ebay has never and will never lose a lawsuit.
        ebay controls the internet: it owns eBay, Paypal and Skype.
        ebay values freedom of speech, due process and free and fair trade.
        ebay seller fees have decreased.
        the feedback system on ebay is fair and does not discriminate against sellers.
        ebay hardly ever suspends sellers.
        If a seller is suspended, they are automatically reinstated after 5 days (no more faxing documents needed).
        ebay offers phone support to assist sellers and buyers.
        Paypal does not hold sellers money for 30 days.
        ebay values sellers, treats them with dignity, courtesy and respect.
        selling on ebay is fun, easy and hassle-free.


    • Theres a whole list of alternatives here:
      Theres at least 10 on that list. At, you can compare visitor traffic between websites. Many of them are gaining on ebay. They may be small now, but they are growing in visitors, while ebay is declining.

      • 1 Reply to freeshijohn

        4 Reasons why Ebay is the best investment of the year......

        1) The sale of eBay's Skype will bring in at least 10 billion dollars

        2) Even eBay senior management is selling off eBay shares, that makes them a great deal, a real bargain:

        May 11, 2009 - 12,850 Shares - Sell
        FORD WILLIAM C Director
        Share Price: $17.48
        Transaction Value: $224.6K

        May 12, 2009 - 3,100 Shares - Sell
        FORD WILLIAM C Director
        Share Price: $17.06
        Transaction Value: $52.8K

        May 13, 2009 - 11,400 Shares - Sell
        BARNHOLT EDWARD W Director
        Share Price: $16.38
        Transaction Value: $186.7K

        May 13, 2009 - 4,390 Shares - Sell
        SWAN ROBERT Director
        Share Price: $16.21
        Transaction Value: $71.1K

        May 14, 2009 - 800 Shares - Sell
        BARNHOLT EDWARD W Director
        Share Price: $16.85
        Transaction Value: $13.4K

        Source: StockWatch; Stocks, Bonds Industries Disclosure Act, May 14, 2009

        3) eBay NEVER has lost a lawsuit:

        EBay Wins Trademark-Infringement Case
        LONDON -- A British court on Friday ruled that Internet marketplace eBay Inc. isn't liable for bogus beauty products sold on its Web site, dealing a blow to cosmetics company L'Oreal SA's campaign against the online auction giant.

        4) eBay is the master of quick cash-flow generation:

        Hundereds of idiotic new sellers are still signing up on eBay every day.
        After 2-3 weeks eBay suspends the sellers at random.
        eBay then keeps the eBay seller's positive account balances.
        The sellers are never reinstated, and eBay NEVER returns the positive account balances.
        Neither the FTC, SEC, nor FBI ever investigate this, since eBay has paid off those 'authorities.'
        THIS IS EBAY Quick and Easy CASH FLOW CREATION 101.

        Based on these 3 important reasons, there is no better opportunity for investors, to invest in eBay shares today.

        Ebay does not employ pump and dump schemes. The economy is just about to recover fully, that is why the eBay shares
        are rising and will continue to rise 30-35% in the next two months. By September the ebay share price will be at over $80,

        Ebay will never run out of cash, see 4) and since a NEW (eBay-seller) SUCKER IS BORN EVERY DAY this trend will continue, forever.

        So, go and buy eBay shares RIGHT NOW: this is the easiest money you will ever make:



        Read this:

    • Duh dumb ass craigs list is free!

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