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  • kekeke.seichiro kekeke.seichiro Apr 9, 2009 4:04 PM Flag

    ebay cutting 20% more jobs by end-2009


    This is also called "internal pump-and-dump"

    eBay always does it, no questions asked, SEC, FBI, whoever doesn't care, eBay keeps on doing it.....


    eBay will NEVER go under $10 a share,
    here is why:

    Some ebay facts:

    ebay shares never have and never will drop below $10 a share.
    ebay is a safe investment: It's the economy, stupid!
    ebay is an internet giant, it will exist forever.
    ebay has never and will never lose a lawsuit.
    ebay controls the internet: it owns eBay, Paypal and Skype.
    ebay values freedom of speech, due process and free and fair trade.
    ebay seller fees have decreased.
    the feedback system on ebay is fair and does not discriminate against sellers.
    ebay hardly ever suspends sellers.
    If a seller is suspended, they are automatically reinstated after 5 days (no more faxing documents needed).
    ebay offers phone support to assist sellers and buyers.
    Paypal does not hold sellers money for 30 days.
    ebay values sellers, treats them with dignity, courtesy and respect.
    selling on ebay is fun, easy and hassle-free.


    eBay is totally overvalued,

    the shares should be at around $5 right now,
    the following blog should help understand why:


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