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  • kekeke.seichiro kekeke.seichiro Apr 22, 2009 10:24 PM Flag

    eBay Traffic Drops in First Quarter from a Year Ago

    Right on, InA!!!!

    NEW eBay FACTS:

    eBay will NEVER go under $10 a share,
    here is why:

    Some ebay facts:

    ebay shares never have and never will drop below $10 a share.
    ebay is a safe investment: It's the economy, stupid!
    ebay is an internet giant, it will exist forever.
    ebay has never and will never lose a lawsuit.
    ebay controls the internet: it owns eBay, Paypal and Skype.
    ebay values freedom of speech, due process and free and fair trade.
    ebay seller fees have decreased.
    the feedback system on ebay is fair and does not discriminate against sellers.
    ebay hardly ever suspends sellers.
    If a seller is suspended, they are automatically reinstated after 5 days (no more faxing documents needed).
    ebay offers phone support to assist sellers and buyers.
    Paypal does not hold sellers money for 30 days.
    ebay values sellers, treats them with dignity, courtesy and respect.
    selling on ebay is fun, easy and hassle-free.

    I notice that most of the comments are posted by sellers. I am writing from a buyer's perspective; and I love ebay. Why? specifically because of all the complaints: With ebay I have a greater choice of items (and sellers) that I will ever get from some of the private online stores. That is because there will always be sellers willing to deal, unlike those "power sellers" that have posted on this blog. The best way to get anything free on ebay is to do the following: bid on an item, wait 5 days, file a claim against the ebay seller, leave negative feedback, provide a phoney paypal transaction number. The poor seller will be more than happy to now send you the merchandise FREE, since, in return, you promise you will agree on a MFW a mutual feedback withdrawal. A seller is helpless, as ebay suspends sellers, for as little as 3 negatives received, even, if they get 1000 positives in the same timeframe. ebay and paypal ALWAYS rule against sellers, so a buyer can do what they want. Once you receive the FREE merchandise, be nice enough to let ebay and paypal know you got it, and move on to the next seller on ebay you can con. My friends and I have used this approach often, and gotten great merchandise, psp, iphones, playstation games and more. Thanks ebay. Now, I read the feedbacks of sellers, whose items I ant to bid on. In leaving, I see the comments listed and am sympathetic with the sellers position, but I remind you that it is a consumer market and the buyers on ebay are your rulers.

    The other eBay facts are:

    Everything You Always Wanted Know About eBay But Were Afraid to Ask,

    here it is!


    kekeke suxxs

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