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  • ebay_trustee ebay_trustee Jun 7, 2009 10:04 PM Flag

    Have You Two Met? Lisa - Carol

    Lisa Meet Carol (midniteoasis12)

    Carol Meet Lisa (lisallesatplay)

    You two might hit it off. . .

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    • <<<"Obviously the higher class of this camp has read all my posts thus their responses.">>>>

      What I wrote and what you heard got lost in translation. My statement said nothing of others not reading your posts; simply that they don't care about your opinion. For example, when you call me playground names (fat, ugly, meany, blaa blaa blaa) it means absolutely nothing, nada, zilch to me. Likewise, what would make you think that something you rambled on about would cause a boost in Fly's ego. Get over yourself already.

    • I rarely rec posts but when I do I rec them up if they're funny or a good one or a nice one or a well deserved spanking and a variety of other reasons, NO MATTER WHO POSTED IT. I rec posts down if they're arrogant or undeserved rudeness or stupid,etc. NO MATTER WHO POSTED IT. Strictly based on merits for me.

    • <<<"I hope my comments wouldn't boost your ego.">>>

      ROFLOL! You certainly think a lot of yourself, don't you? Did it ever occur to you that your opinion means nothing to readers?

    • I do it for the same reason. Madbezos has never arrived to find his posts unreadable without adjusting his settings, so he mocks my explanations.


    • "Marin County ranks ninth."

      I was talking household income, not wealth. I see Marin is fourth in per capita income among the counties displayed. I don't know what year was surveyed. What a surprise to see davidson County, TN as the highest in per capita income.

      "I understand that the wealthy in CA are voting with their feet (i.e., moving out of the state). Is that true?"

      No, it's false. The wealthy are too well-entrenched here with their lives. The people moving out are generally ones who NEED to move on. It is expensive to live here and the cultural excesses are too much for some.

      "Is it also true that 50% of the population pay no federal income tax?"

      I doubt it, but it is headed in that direction. Obama's tax policies will increase the cyclicality of federal budget revenues. It means we will have to build surpluses in good times like the GW Bush administration forgot to do. Obama's fiscal policies make me nervous as he continues the Hank Paulson policy of keeping the system from grinding to a halt. These people don't want to take the risk of finding out whether we can absorb another Lehman Brothers BKT or worse, an AIG gone bankrupt. I don't blame them, but it sucks to see the bailouts.

    • "Did you know that I regularly rec your posts to keep them out of one-star land, ..."

      That's the best example of bean counting I've seen on this board in a long time.


    • Who/What are you spending money on? In other words, does your avatar have a meaning? Mine usually do. I need to change mine now since the current one no longer applies.

    • You may be correct about the substance of what was discussed, I have no idea. What mattered to me was that Bezos reached out to you explicitly THE DAY, evening actually, that you turned on me in a big way. I can understand that you didn't see the significance of it at the time, and now you may or may not. Since you inevitably eventually come around to my understanding of things, I will wait patiently. (See, I can be condescending too.) :-)

    • <<Againsdelisted (that's you,isn't it?) >>
      Close. I'm Againdelisted.

      <<why can't you face it. Your party of Republicans brought destruction, torture, warS, poverty and isolation to our great nation like never before in the history of United States of America.>>
      I think that you are funning me because I can't believe that you are that stupid.
      War? Look up who was in office at the start of WW I, WW II, the Korean War and Viet Nam.

      Destruction? Be more specific. Hiroshima? Nagasaki? Dresden?

      Torture? You mean when we took the Viet Cong up in helicopters and then thru them out when they didn't speak up?

      Poverty? Did you read how FDR made the depression worse? (Check out 1937.) The war got us out of the depression.

      Isolation? Who is staying away? Last I heard, everyone still wants to sell us stuff, and people are still literally dying to come into this country.

      << I only thank my God for sparing us McCain/Palin. Can you imagine that?>>
      Come back and talk to us when we again have double digit inflation (Jimmy Carter) and double digit unemployment (Jimmy Carter) and interest rates in the 20's (Jimmy Carter).

      Hmmm. Maybe you are that dumb.

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