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  • dowjones1234 dowjones1234 Aug 18, 2009 10:43 PM Flag

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    Social Security - Going Broke - needs bailout
    Medicare - Going Broke - needs bailout
    Medicaid - Going Broke - needs bailout
    Fannie Mae - Bankrupt - received bailout
    Freddie Mac - Bankrupt - received bailout
    Sallie Mae - Broke, bankrupt and tax payer subsidized
    Ginny Mae - Broke, bankrupt and tax payer subsidized
    AMTRACK – Broke and taxpayer subsidized for the last 20 years
    Post Office - Broke again and needs another price increase & bailout
    Oh, lets not forget the Department of Defense----it never met a budget that it
    couldn’t keep.
    Cash for Clunkers – Huge liberal and democratic Joke

    Simple question:

    Does the American tax payer need another business entity federally organized, managed and operated by our US Congress?

    Like Healthcare……

    You make the call America……

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    • Crime, Do you support the republican party?

    • Actually Social Security is anything but going broke...and a few small tweaks would set it right for the rest of this century (and I don't mean private accounts)

      And cash for clunkers is actually a bona fide success...dealers have moved stagnant inventory, car manufacturers are increasing production to replenish what are now depleted inventories, dealers are pulling in revenues, banks are making car loans, trucking companies are delivering more cars, used car prices are up since clunkers are going off the road for good...the local level economy is getting a visible real time boost...the only ones really hurting are the neighborhood ma and pa used car dealers who aren't getting the clunkers into their inventories.

      And the real biggest losers who needed the most bailout support? Weren't govt entities...Goldman, BOA, Citibank, etc? Private enterprise baby...and if they hadn't flocked up most of the other orgs on your list wouldn't be having issues either.

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