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  • MaypoMan MaypoMan Sep 1, 2009 11:15 AM Flag

    Expect 20% gain this year with sale of Skype.


    Excellent news.

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    • "Naked Calls might get him riled up. LOL"

      Naked calls or naked call girls?


      "Naked Calls"

      That make be a great name for an escort service that caters to Wall Street clientele...

      G spot

    • Naked Calls might get him riled up. LOL

    • "Why can't I try to measure Skype's ROI performance at date of sale and assess what's the probability that they will get a descent return in the future?"

      Bob, I predict that Gina's Dad would say that your use of the word "descent" in the comment above is a Freudian slip. ;-D

      Enjoy your evening!

    • Legend,

      I get your point. The 35% stake is shares in a business which can potentially grow higher and until sold it's not a real gain.

      I think everyone will agree to this. It's obvious.

      Why are you so riled up for me taking a ROI snapshot at this point when I clearly state the remaining 35% will grow in the future?

      Don't you benchmark the performance of your portfolio over a period of time? Why can't I try to measure Skype's ROI performance at date of sale and assess what's the probability that they will get a descent return in the future?

      Your passion for Ebay is overwhelming to the point that a constructive dialogue is challenging. Points where you are wrong and have been corrected you don't even bother acknowledging or admitting. Points I ask you for factual support you skim over and make generalize statement which magically become defacto. And then you become condescending - "think out of the box?"

      I couldn't care less if Ebay stock went up or down. I'm not married to it. I'm not one of your paid bashers targets where you belittle and shout at.

    • Elike: "YES, YES, YES. Finally. YES! Good God!"

      Gina: "But was it as good for Bob as it was for you?"

      Elike's comment was intended to remind us of the famous fake orgasm scene from the movie "When Harry Met Sally".

      Have a pleasant evening!

    • Basically Goodwill is constantly changing (decrease/increase) as the business changes is my point.

      You are arguing that I'm not considering the future valuation of Goodwill and I'm arguing currently at this snapshot in time that the deal of $2.75 billion plus .125M note has included both party's valuation of Goodwill. It's called an Intangible asset.

      If you took your position on every single corporate acquisition one would never be able to value goodwill because it's constantly evolving. A line has to be drawn at time of valuation.

      Business evaluation teams (lawyers, investment firms and accountants) from both parties take goodwill into consideration during valuation. The seller what's maximum price premium for what they define as goodwill and buyer wants to make sure that it's reasonable.

    • Trust me, he will!

      Nothing gets by Mad!

    • Didn't I acknowledge already repeatedly that the future of value of Skype will increase?

      But currently for the purposes of calculating Ebay's SKYPE investment ROI at this SNAPSHOT in time was near breakeven? I'm valuing the investment at this point in time. There is no such thing as deferred goodwill unless you can prove it to me. Goodwill gets valued at the time of transaction and should the business grow in the future that goodwill get revalued at time of a sale.

      What's so complex about this statement?

    • "YES, YES, YES. Finally. YES! Good God!"

      But was it as good for Bob as it was for you?

      Sorry, I couldn't resist...


    • < Do not write off the whole transaction with a selling price of $2.75 billion (net). Because if you did you would make the same mistake some people did in 2005 as I mentioned.>

      So how does this apply to my assertion - ROI today Calc and ROI based in future which includes the 35%?

      <Wrong. Facts and history supports every word I used to describe my interpretation of the transaction. If you want to place a value on 35% stake at Skype TODAY fine go ahead. I see no rush and I recognize many material and significant factors which would undoubtedly change the selling price with emphasis on UNDOUBTEDLY. Your definition of Goodwill is correct but incomplete. There’s such a thing as negative Goodwill and deferred Goodwill. I invite you to think outside of the box.>

      So please provide independent and reliable source which backs your above assertion? Because I cannot find another "outside box" which does.

      Are you suggesting that deferred Goodwill is not captured in todays deal valuation and that it will be realized sometime in the future?

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