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  • ebayis.chartis ebayis.chartis Sep 3, 2009 10:12 AM Flag

    No $23 A Share In Site Paid Pumpers. Why Keep Lying?

    Why do paid pumpers even post? All they do is lie to the poor beleaguered ebay shareholders who are almost always doing a holding pattern on some ever shrinking number before the inevitable lowering to a new price.

    And a new lower price pattern until yet another fall.

    $43. $33. Now $23 gone. Soon to the teens again folks.

    Ebay's stock buyback program did manage to yank ebay out of the $10 a share range, but we all see it can't keep it out of there. Not for long. Not forever.

    Sooner or later investors will figure out these lying pumping bagholders posting here don't know what they are lying about and sooner or later shareholders will get tired of always taking a hit in their wallets just so ebay billionaires can keep feeding on the misery of their bidders, buyers, sellers, investors and public at large.

    Can you get your mind around how many billions the US taxpayer has given General Motors so it can be just another scam artist on ebay? It's atrocious.

    But that's ebay 2009!

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    • At first I shuddered at the idea of paid pumpers, but I think it is true... Anyone who has ever bought or sold on Ebay knows how bad it is...

      Paid pumpers should be ashamed of themselves...

      You couldn't pay me enough money to lie and deceive people into believing Ebay is a healthy stock....

      Yesterday agqut made a very good post stating that if a "Viable Competitor" came along, Ebay would become penny stock within hours...

      I agree... and I am waiting for that viable competitor to come along...

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