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  • marketendgaming marketendgaming Oct 13, 2009 2:49 PM Flag

    Yawn. Another Predicatable Winning Short From $25.30

    Yawn, making money shorting ebay is as easy as making up Meg and Donahue jokes (example: how many Meg's and Donahue's does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: what lightbulb? If there's a light bulb out a seller needs their Paypal account locked up). Shorting ebay is just too easy and profitable. It's simply a great way to make quick money leaving one plenty of Italian sunshine to race one's collection of awesome Maserati racing cars in. Plus there's the family who needs and deserves the majority of my time. Money's simply the petrol that makes it all go. You know, if my cars were fake, would they totally consume the minds and lost souls of the villians here? Belissimo! ,,

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    • Oh yawn again! Not only do I get an incredibly awesome long weekend for my family and friends, ebay's totally predictable fall during its busiest selling season of the year continues to put massive shorting profits into my bank account leaving plenty of free time to enjoy my life and of course, tour the beautiful Italian landscape in my collection of incredible Maseratis. Some people simply have that life while others fritter their lives away worrying about others on the chat board of a third rate stock. I made super money today and didn't really even have to post but beep beep. Belissimo!

    • Yawn! Friday dumps are so predictable. Anytime we see a ramped up Friday AM we know we're going to profit on yet another Friday fall PM, this time 40 cents a share and counting. Will ebay give back every bit of its pumping and dumping $1.25 gains this week? It almost has and the day is still young. It leaves plenty of quality family time for me and room for a lot of Italian countryside touring in my awesome collection of classic Maseratis. Belissimo! ,,

    • Hey Market, glad to see it's working as usual. If ebay's insiders can profit nefariously from their manipulated stock why shouldn't we join them and profit?

      Ebay is one of the greatest shorts in history! Remember this is the third time lately $24 has been bombed and no one can forget that last huge fall when it sank through $24 to hit $9 before miraculously bouncing back to almost $25.

      Almost is the key word. Investors tend to forget that miracle, but shorties smell a fraud when they profit off it predictably. Oh yes they do!

    • Hey everyone, hey ebayis chartis, it didn't take any genius to see Monday's highly manipulated $1.25 ebay pump would melt rapidly in the investor light of day today. Just keep your eye on those insiders selling their unexpensed shares and follow the money to huge profitable shorting profits. I love keeping quiet up here. My money flows into the bank like fresh water while the ebay paid pumper liars live here every day backed up like the stagnant pond. Bridges easily cross those brakish ponds while I have all glorious day to race through beautiful Italian scenery in my fine collection of Maseratis! Life is bellissimo! Belissimo! ,,

    • Hey Chartis, nice to see you again. Yesterday's AM short was a good start to the week and even better that it didn't take all day to make, especially on my part of my four day weekends. It left plenty of time for scenic driving in my awesome collection of Maseratis. I'm surprised it recovered and as we can all see today that recovery was short lived. As for their board war or missing posts I could not care less what, who, or why they are the way they are. Just give me my shorting profits and the open Italian roads! Belissimo! ,,

    • marketendgaming marketendgaming Oct 14, 2009 10:18 AM Flag

      Yawn, once again another successful short, this time at $25.42 and you know, it's a sweetly profitable plan to make the bills leaving nothing but free time to enjoy my vast collection of Maseratis. Gee, why would that bother anyone? It's not like I'm some lying ebay bagholder paid pumper doing untold damage to the bagholders stuck here trying to get ebay back anywhere near its $33 or $43 of not too long ago. So predictable. So easy. ,,

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