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  • agqut agqut Dec 16, 2009 11:12 AM Flag

    2009=EBay Traffic Collapses Web Hits Down 37%

    Stats are in, eBay's web traffic which has shown a precipitous decline since 2007, HAS TUMBLED EVEN FURTHER!!!
    Management continues to fiddle while Rome burns, what a bunch of useless human waste.

    Stop the idiotic PayPal only payment policy.
    Speed up the horrendously slow site, get rid of the bloatware.
    Stop the drive to be an Amazon lookalike, get the unique items that made eBay vibrant back again.
    Purge the board of directors and top management. Install a new management team with strong proven records.
    Change the ugly corporate culture that grew up around Monster Meg.

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    • Ebay and Paypal control the Internet and WWW. It is as simple as that.

      For that reason, eBay shares will always be valuable.

      eBay will NEVER go under $10 a share,
      here is why:

      Some ebay facts:

      ebay shares never have and never will drop below $10 a share.
      ebay is a safe investment: It's the economy, stupid!
      ebay is an internet giant, it will exist forever.
      ebay has never and will never lose a lawsuit.
      ebay controls the internet: it owns eBay, Paypal and Skype.
      ebay values freedom of speech, due process and free and fair trade.
      ebay seller fees have decreased.
      the feedback system on ebay is fair and does not discriminate against sellers.
      ebay hardly ever suspends sellers.
      If a seller is suspended, they are automatically reinstated after 5 days (no more faxing documents needed).
      ebay offers phone support to assist sellers and buyers.
      Paypal does not hold sellers money for 30 days.
      ebay values sellers, treats them with dignity, courtesy and respect.
      selling on ebay is fun, easy and hassle-free.


    • A big boo ya!

    • Who wants to bet they either just don't even mention the traffic loss, or they try to minimalize it somehow on 20 january?

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      • I am sure that Donahoe will be trying to spin the news as best as he can.
        The only problem is nobody is buying it. You can only use the economy story for so long......Amazon has proved that theory wrong.
        5 down quarters in core markets??
        The stock will continue to drop Mon.& Tues. as longs start to get nervous... as they should be. If earnings come out flat for core markets, you could be looking at high teens by the end of next week. JMO

    • Ebay "donated" $85,000 last year to the wikimedia foundation.

      This year NO DONATIONS to wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales (Wikimedia Foundation) yet......


      CaN'T STOP LAUGHIN'!!!!


      .......OTHERWISE, N O F R E E S P E E C H !!!!!!!

      HA HA HA.

      Sentiment : Sell

      Read this:

      eBay is totally overvalued,

      the shares should be at around $2 right now,
      the following blog should help us all to understand why:

    • Here is todays headlines:< TOP STORIES
      Pending Home Sales Plunge 16 Percent in November.>
      And the bagholders here think this stock is going up......the news is only 16 days away....

    • <<<Never owned a single stock, never shorted a single stock and the idea of investing is so foreign to them. Yet they have a negative "opinion" about a company with $5 billion in cash>>>

      Owned many stocks.
      Shorted many more stocks.

      I paid eBay/PayPal $1000.00+ per month in fees for eight years.
      Ebay progressed linearly to corrupt the selling environment into something intolerable.
      I quit eBay with a hate that is palatable(as did hundreds of thousands of other sellers).
      My mission is to spread the word that Ebay is an ignorant hateful company that needs to fail.

      I loved eBay and would love to have the eBay of 7-8 years ago back again. Instead ebay management is dead set on making eBay EVEN WORSE!

    • For all the longs....Make it five down quarters in a row!

      • 1 Reply to gewizmeto
      • You're looking at things all wrong. Nothing has been down for 5 Qs in a row. Ebay is in a 'trust building" phase right now. We see it as an investment in our cherished 90 million member community. It will all be OK after 2013, just wait for Donahoe's next major fee reduction or investor's day speech. You'll see. Besides, traffic down 37% means we still have 63% to fall. That's a long ways. Remember the 80-20 principle. It's just noise. No one needs that noisey 37% of crazies anyway. WE laugh in the faces of the LOSERS and FAILED BITTER PAID BASHERS who purposely misrepresent the data!

    • The authors of that post are PAID BASHERS and failed, rejected ebay sellers, who were FORCEFULLY EJECTED from the ebay site after STEALING from the 90 million member community.

      At any rate, ebay world class management team has a contingency plan in operation right now. They have increased the stalking, trolling and harassment at all the sites mentioned, proportionately. For example, youtube now has 901% more ebay goons running interference on any noise there.
      Nevermind if any new policies or executives are quite insane, we are ebay dammit! Home of the frootcake web 2.0 stalkers!

      We're very confident that will increase sales, traffic, reputation and prestige.

    • Stop the idiotic PayPal only payment policy.

      maybe you should work on your reading comprehension, you don't have to accept PayPal if you have your own credit card merchant account

      • 1 Reply to sanjosemission
      • <<<maybe you should work on your reading comprehension, you don't have to accept PayPal if you have your own credit card merchant account>>>

        You should definitely work on your reading comprehension.
        Read that eBay pageviews have dropped precipitously since 2007.
        Read that eBay revenues have fallen.
        Read that even the press is trashing eBay.
        Ebay is like flopping fish in the bottom of a boat -- ebay is dying!

        Ebay's future relies on the masses for vitality.
        Merchant cards for the masses is unrealistic.

        You have proven your stupidity, you're judged highly competent for the eBay management team.

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