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  • marketendgaming marketendgaming Jan 1, 2010 2:55 PM Flag

    Ebay Is Starting 2010 Off Profitably For The Shorts!

    Yawn! It's great to have a very long vacation and better yet to have a very very profitable one for a career ebay shorter like myself! That pays for a very elegant estate for my beautiful and happy family and leaves me endless amounts of time to explore the Italian landscapes in my awesome collection of racing Maseratis. Why would that bother anyone who wasn't a known public nuisance on the end of their public leash? Bellissimo! Happy New Year! Now I have to put those major profits in the bank!

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    • Yes of course that's true! Ebay stock has been very very generous and kind to its wise short sellers. It has been very generous indeed and will continue to be. Belissimo! ,,

    • I'm glad good people, smart investors, make money here while the lying failures who live on this board 247 for ten years like a rope smoking troll pumping a fraudulent stock do not. Broke, broken and brokest like a z50com she is. Yes indeed. Indeed.

    • flyktning_tegriiiiiiiiiii flyktning_tegriiiiiiiiiii Apr 21, 2010 11:21 AM Flag

      My poor poor, and I do mean BROKE, free speech poster child! Everyone knows you never invest in anything, ever, so why do you flap your lips daily 247 harder than Uncle Reemus at a corn on the cob eating contest? I know you want to keep those hard earned oral skills you learned at Ripples but seriously...... grow up!

    • I would have to say you are clueless to what a P/E ratio is!

      That "BET" is a bad one!

      I like the "APPLE" prospects and the overvaluation of Amazon a lot better. . .

    • hey Marketend, thanks for the tip and alert, but I could see this coming from a mile away and was ready. Very very profitable indeed!

      I think we're going to see a lot less ebay fluctuation, as in pumps and dumps, and a whole lot less valuation, as in the mid 20s, as Goldman Sachs is investigated and gets whats coming to them for their many endless manipulation crimes.

      I await that day with giddy feelings and a ready bank account! It's already a fine day. I expect many more for ebay shorts!

    • Wow! You still really f@g out on that man don't you Johnie Tool Fool? It's still not HIM.

      How does that ever help your failing ebay z50com site?

      You actually never ever invest in stocks but you're here all day everyday pumping.

      Smoke 'em if you got 'em old man.

    • You da man!

      You da best!

      You da marketman!

      You yada yada yada ~ LOL

    • Hey Ebayis! Hey Teton! Hey everybody but the lying paid ebay pumping losers who live here 247 for ten years and their enabling loser pals who make daily threats, while never ever investing in anything but their hate.

      It's been a great relaxing profitable time for me (and us I guess) as I have been a lot quieter here and just slowly banking my great ebay shorting profits while having even more free time for my beautiful happy family and my great collection of vintage Maseratis. Everyday I live my happy rich successful life and always with each and every breath look to the creator and say graci! And knowing ebay, I will have profitable chance after profitable chance to do that and anyone with half a brain can clearly see ebay stock is a hollow scam. Life is belissimo!!! ,,


      The truth police is right.

      Ebay will be here 100 years from now, shining bright on the NASDAQ...


      Read this:

    • Hi Johnie Tool Fool Osborne, the original Sybil, how's your rapidly going broke z50com ebay going for you?

      Badly we see.

      You know, everyone knows Market shorts the highs, and no one has to give you stock tips when you never invest.

      You might want to invest in some rehab for your teenage heroin ho Jennifer Nicole. Better than melting here.

      Isn't it Sybil?

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