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  • gewizmeto gewizmeto Jan 13, 2010 11:20 AM Flag

    Headed for 22.00

    No good news! The daily volume is very low. This stock is headed south prior to earnings release.
    Looks like the shorts will make some money here.

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    • Ebay is taking another Big Dump today.
      Don't let Donahoe take you to the is too late for him to save himself........get out before it is too late. Take your profits and don't look back..... or stay and get slaughterd.

    • I bet it goes lower. Much lower in the next couple weeks.


    • Could easily be 21.00 and change by earnings next week. It will be a long weekend for some longs here! I wish you the best of luck..... but it dose not look good. All bets are off if wall st. guides down before earnings.

    • Headed for .22¢ is more like it.

      Ebay is a dead money stock, because eBay management is the dumbest management on the planet!
      Donahole couldn't pour pee from a boot if it were handed to him upside down.

      Prediction, marketplace business down again this quarter.

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      • I agree on the most part with this statement, unless they will be saved by the big companies that they seem to favor. When a company allows sellers to be judged and rated on lies and state so in their policy, with no recourse for the seller, that does not create the kind of atmosphere that is needed between sellers and buyers. There are so many other avenues ebay could take to ensure that the seller and buyer is protected without creating the conflict between sellers and buyers.
        Policies that warn sellers once it is almost too late to take the action necessary to correct the problem, before being suspended, is not good business practice to your main customer, the sellers. Buyers remember pretty well anyway whom they have had a bad encounter with and will decide themselves to not do business with the seller again if they so choose. Buyers are not idiots that are going to jump in a boiling pot again once they have already been scalded.
        Most small sellers and some larger ones have a hard time making any kind of profit on ebay anymore with the fee's that are now charged. Ebay also has plans to raise the standard even higher for sellers in order for them to qualify for discount on fee's. It appears that too many qualified under the current rules so they need to reduce the sellers currently receiving discounts.
        I wonder if ebay did a survey of both sellers and buyers and received a 98 percent approval rating or less if they would consider that a bad approval rating. What would there DSR's look like? They surely think that it is too low for a seller, so the same should apply to them.
        There are other reasons that makes ebay a non-pleasant place to sell any longer. But, it would take a lot more to go into details, the future will tell the story of if management has taken the right course and we will all see in the end.

      • Even gimpanzee knows when boot is give to person upside down, pee is already pour out.

        Is no more pee.

        And now, is no more Gimpanzee!

        Heh, hee!

    • wishful thinking on your part.

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