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  • gewizmeto gewizmeto Mar 20, 2010 10:27 AM Flag

    Where is the growth??

    Outside of paypal it does not exist!
    Auctions have been in retreat. New rules here are chasing sellers away.
    More Ebay price gouging starting next month will start to show up in 2nd quarter. It will be front and center in the third quarter.
    Donahoe is betting that the economy will bail him out in time.
    Don't count on it. Where E commerce goes.... does not mean ebay is going. Club ebay is in retreat!
    Amazon is on track to pass ebay in the next year or two. OUCH!!

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    • I am waiting for all the Ebay defenders to show me where all the growth is coming from? Toolfool not included!

    • Where is the growth??
      1. The growth can be clearly identified in Executive Salaries

      2. Awesome growth numbers registered in incredibly toxic bad karma attributed to eBay executive incompetence grown by Meg and fostered by king JD.

      3. Great growth also registered in unique items leaving eBay as the management's decision to screw the small seller in favor of big box closeouts to artificially inflate the "feeling" of growth to lull the shareholders into the false sense of hold.

      4. To sum up the above, the tumor has grown since 2005 and continues on.

    • What is Donahoe going to pull out of the hat this quarter?
      Auctions are in the dumps and have been for the last 6 quarters. Retail is still on the down slide and ebay is about to implement one of the biggest cost hikes to sellers.
      What is left to sell? Skype made the balance sheet look good last quarter and that is gone. Time is running out on Donahoe....... that so-called 3 year plan is going to have to get extended.

    • Ebay is certainly getting ahead of itself here, on hopes that retail will be picking up. That notion is dispelled in this mornings news.
      I don't believe the economy has bottomed yet..... and will be a long drawn out affair.
      Does wall st. really think you can have a jobless recovery??
      Since the early 80's we had the computer boom, than we had the real estate boom of the late 80's, than the stock market collapsed of the late 90's and now we have been in a real estate down turn for a couple of years along with the bank failures.
      If you look at the events that i just mentioned, it appears that these events took place because people wanted to put their money in the next investment, and in time drove it to excess.
      What is the next investment???
      Why do i feel like i am in a poker game with a shit hand and i just drew my last card to no avail.

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      • The one thing that ebay is consistent with is change.
        Ebay's new billing policy is about to kick in. Sellers will be receiving invoices next month with new jacked up final value fees. Expect to see a new wave of merchants leave for other sites. Some will convert to a store format.
        Expect to see auctions shrink, as has been the case in the last two years as Donahoe and company ultimate goal is to become more like Amazon and less like the ebay that we all knew 5 years ago. How this all plays out in the next few quarters will be interesting. The big question going forward is, can ebay make up the growth with paypal in the face of reduced auctions and retail still in the dumps??

    • There is growth in certain areas. Laptops are selling like hot cakes everyday on ebay. You just have to do research in every category to find the successes.

    • Yeah you are big time short sited. Marketplaces is much stronger than you think. Their GMV is double Amazon's Revenue. You'll see growth alright, everyone in Retail is seeing it, eBay is just too well positioned.

    • There is this little country called China, and India, and Russia, and this little payment co. called PayPal. and they carry no inventory and they are hiring and ...hey where isn't there growth.Oh and there ad revenues are really increasing. Auction growth comps are really picking up too.

    • "Amazon is on track to pass ebay in the next year or two."

      Don't count on it!

      Amazon is a long way from making the profits Ebay does...

      And Amazon has Apple to worry about!

      iPad is going to crush the Kindle.

      I see Amazon's stock falling below $100 later this year. The P/E is WAY WAY TOO high!

      As where Ebay's is WAY WAY TOO low.

    • Last year at this time Ebay had 30 million listings

      Today it's over 50 million!

      How much GROWTH do you need? ? ?

    • Insertion fee's

      50 MILLION of them!

      Look at the GROWTH over the years. . .

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