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  • bogdanmiltchev bogdanmiltchev Apr 10, 2011 6:30 AM Flag


    That is right! Ebay is the world'd most hated auction site and if it were not for skype and paypal their auction activity would drive them down in the toilet. check out to see what people think of this site. Faggots do own the company frontline and yes they are loose cannons acting with no logic and no reliability ... Sell on and don't look back .. also EBAY as a stock has not moved up since 2000. That says that management are incompetent and one should sell short the stock until they go BKP.... Fuck EBAY and ist pathetic employees.

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    • I closed mine, too. You can't make any money with the high 12% FVF. I used to buy 90% of my inventory off ebay, too, so they lost twice!

    • "That is right! Ebay is the world'd most hated auction site"

      Have you checked the auction count website recently to see how Ebay stacks up against all the other auction sites? If not, go there and see for yourself and then come back and let us know if Ebay is dead.

      "check out to see what people think of this site"

      Are you that stupid to think that the "rateebay" site is an accurate reflection on Ebay?

      There's a fool born every minute, and your the latest.



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