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  • ebayis.chartis ebayis.chartis Apr 28, 2011 7:33 PM Flag

    Everytime I See Ebay At $34+ I Short It To $30

    Time and time and time again. Reminds me of a Cindi Lauper song. My bank account couldn't be happier by my constantly shorting ebay's manipulated highs.

    Long story tailor made for the shorts: ebay trashed all its customer goodwill long long ago. It trashed its investor value shortly afterward too.

    I can't remember the last time anyone told me they bought something off ebay and were happy about it.

    I can't recall the last time someone bragged to me about selling well on ebay. These are signs people.

    Ask your neighbors and friends too. You'll see.

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    • I'm a long time user for eBay, since 98. Haven't used it in a while until recently when I sold an iPhone. The whole process of what was once so simple in 98 is gone. Fees for this, fees for that, it doesn't make since to list items on eBay anymore. While I got a great price for my iPhone I was turned off by the constant little fees to do this, that and the other. Then there's the final fee which seems high to me. I think there's more value in having a growing user base with less fees then to grind away at those pesky charges trying to raise revenue. The value is having a lot of people on your site. I just see ways for competitors to take market share here. I know I will search around next time I have something to sell. I'm not a short and think eBay will continue to rise in this bubble market but long long term I wouldn't be surprised if eBay has issues with decreasing revenue.. All it takes is for some other company to have the same model but cheaper for the seller and you will see a slow rush to the cheaper site.

    • Yes, I'm loving my strategy regarding ebay stock.

      Always do. It works for me.

      Long investing here does not.

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