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  • elikes_maw elikes_maw Jul 31, 2011 10:44 AM Flag

    To my suns fren D Mad

    Good Mornin thar D Mad. My sun elike dun toll me a lot about you. Him saided you was tha smardist postur on this hear bord. Him saided he got in two a fite with you an saided sum meen tings all in tha name of gelisy. My boy elike cryed hisself to sweep tinking about wat a fool him made of hisself with you. Him saided evry won hear gelis of you specilly dat white trash red nex unedgeamakatid skum bag low life pig agqut. Them thar his werds knot mine. He saided agqut frum tha back hills of Pensylveina an gelis of enybuddy dat wented pass tha fiveth grade. Tellin evrywon tha most impordent ting in life is wat you lern in mens prisin cell and on a boat in tha icy sees fur months on end wit all men or a muddy fox hole in Nom wit all men an knot skool an enybuddy dat go to skool dum. ROFLMAO! Ken you say justifikashun fur a lower edumakashun? I wood luv to meet this agqut. He sounds like a reel peace of werk dat got hisself two much yardage between goal posts. Worser den my boy elike an we all no him a few bradys short of a bunch. Enyways I wantid to tell you elike to daggoone imbarrised to show his face on dis hear bord since he made a fool of hisself with you an ebait and lowered hisself by makin frens with banjoe pickin agqut tha inbread.

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