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  • elikes_maw elikes_maw Aug 17, 2011 9:16 PM Flag

    Boy you owe these hear folks apollygee

    Boy you bena pumpin dis hear stox fur sicks long yers tryin to git inocent folk to clime abord tha titanic with you. Now its purdy cleer to me an yur Paw dat you aint got no grane in tha sighlow but why you got to go tarnishin tha Huckcallberry familee name with yur fool inbessmint inna has ben of a cumpenny ebait? Ifen I didnt no eny bedder I sey yur livin proof evalewshun goes in reverse. Its time fur you to git a traler of yur own prefurably in anodder state. Yur a 44 yer ole vergin red nex anna imbearismint to tha fine state of Kentuckee. Befur you go an git you kneed to apollyjize fur all tha relentless pumpin you did. It falled on deff ears cuz nobody as gullabull as you boy but these hear folks had to lissin to you blow yur hot breth you bag holdin fool. Now tellum yur sorry, pak yur sheet an make like a tree an take a long walk offa short peer. Watch that Suly cum along an sey dis hear post dont make no cents. I sware that boys a half a bubble short of plum. It aint no wunder he tryed to emale my boy fur a git togedder.

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