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  • elikes_maw elikes_maw Sep 16, 2011 12:42 PM Flag

    Is Craigslist a competitor to EBAY ?

    Did you furgit to pay yur brane bill agin boy? Juss cuss ya see green fur wonce dont meened you maked munny. Dat like tha tyme you ask me how you ken be outta munny when ya still had chex leff.

    You byed dis hear stok at $50 dollers fool. Go git yurseff a peace of paypurr and due tha math. I sware thay shood put yur pitcher on tha front of a trowgin box. Yur tha poster boy fur birth cuntroll ifen I ever knowed won.

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    • I juss wading fur dat lieing boy of mine to cum tell yall tha storee bout his preten googull inbessmint. he haw he haw. Dat won allways did git me an his pappy slappin our neez. Furst time I reeded dat whopurr I laffed sew hard my dentures falled rite outta my mowth. Due dat boy reely tink you folks fool enuff to beleaf he spen 24/7 on dis hear bord spittin fire defendind ebait penny stok wen he owned a $550 stok? Aint it kinda funny he dont never spend no time on googull bord braggin wat a savvy cher holer he tink he is insted? I sware ifen you stan close nuff to dat boy you cood here tha sea.

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