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  • fellow.professor fellow.professor Nov 19, 2011 6:29 PM Flag

    Mad's Thought for the Day

    Poor Mrs Agqut, It's obvious you, and your handful of needlessly upset pals (your other IDs?) work very very hard to have no sense of humor, but at the risk of putting a frown on your, in your area's vernacular "purty mowth" I thought I should let you know the Professor was not always a professor. He pulled himself up from his mucky boots, out of the hog slops, so to speak, and as you might say "edumacated" himself much in the way Abe Lincoln later borrowed, chopping wood, stacking it, burning it, so he could read by the fire. Maybe that's why he's so successful at still splitting those who rail today. And as we can see, he's still good at calling pigs. They sense there is corn in it, yet they quickly became bacon.

    He was never 'all bibs and no buckshot' like you wannabe dual-y truck drivers who actually buy dirt at your Seed & Feed to dust up your Osh Kosh B'Goshes. Granted he's not young. He helped write the Foxfire books back when they were carved on stone tablets, and he actually used to have to hide and tan the patches for his tweed professor coat. He coined the phrase "you ain't nothing but a hound dog' back in an earlier age when one was more likely to have a Raptor interrupt ones Hoedown fiddling campfires, and thus it was quite a relief when it was just a dog, because much like you, their bark would be far worse than any bite. It's always funny to see him still publicly spit seeds out of the watermelon heads of children half his age. Anyways. Thought I should inform.

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