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  • newalterego45 newalterego45 Nov 22, 2011 9:50 AM Flag

    A Mad Query

    ++++You foolish little child. Agqut protected the professor from himself, Agqut backed off to avoid potential reciprocal action on the professor which would have been ultimately detrimental to both parties.++++

    Your comment belies the fact that you ran off with your tail between your legs and didn’t post on this board for two months after Bezos threatened to identify you last April. You made up the ridiculous story that yahoo had informed you that your account had been compromised and you suspected Bezos was the culprit. That explanation was as dumb as the many messages you have posted claiming that the links Bezos posts have viruses, that Bezos has reported your posts to yahoo, etc.

    Bezos controlled the dialogue with you by posting messages about his professional accomplishments and made you look like a buffoon when you responded to them. He taunted you by calling you funny names and making comments about your hillbilly lifestyle. He irritated you so much that you became enraged and posted rambling messages and personal attacks. Bezos remained unflappable and ignored those attacks. He hasn’t responded to any of your posts for months yet you still can’t get him out of your mind as is shown by your recent posts. You have a Bezos obsession. He owns you.

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