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  • tommys_back tommys_back Feb 11, 2012 12:15 PM Flag

    9:30 pm posts. Home alone on a Friday night!!!

    Hi Charles.

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    • Wrong again dribbler. Let your hate and dribbling be your only friend for another decade won't you? PS: we all thought you were dead. The board was better when you were.

    • Tommy, you are jumping to some faulty conclusions about who is who here. I thought you were smarter than that. It turns out that you may have no more intelligence than the one here who disguises himself as sullys_ebay_board and constantly sings sully's praises. Now there is a topic for brainy discourse. What is the mental pathology of a poster like sullys_ebay_board who would rather waste his time pumping and kissing the butt of a worthless poster like sully than to be working on enjoying and improving his own life. I think it is a combination of very low self esteem and nothing better to do with his time. I also think it is because he knows he has nothing of value to contribute to the board and so he hides behind sully as a way of establishing a safe niche from which he can throw darts at other posters without having to talk to anybody in a more meaningful way which he is obviously incapable of doing.

      Another interesting topic is why does sully always need to point out the typos of the intelligent posters by saying that their posts make no sense even though any normal person with at least average intelligence can figure them out in spite of the typos. I believe sully does this because he knows that he is not very intelligent himself and so the only way he can feel better about himself in the company of people who are clearly way smarter thsn him is to find some small mistake by which he can try to make himself look smarter than them by trying to make them look foolish. All he succeeds in doing though is showing everyone that he's got serious psycholgical problems.


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