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    • Not to worry, Ian. but thanks for the reassurances. All is well here. Although I am curious about the nature of your activities and know that something is clearly going on behind the scenes here, I won't ask.


    • Hello Shack, it must have been a mix up as neither Ian is against you. I'm fairly jacked about my Lojack mission, was kicking down imposter's doors, and must've stomped too close to you. These mistakes happen when one stays up all night roaming like an angry tiger.

      Now I'll go to church for my many sins, though I will do them again. I will always have Cousin Ian to keep me on the right path and I'll wear me glasses so as not to accidentally hurt you or your pals, The Good Guys.

    • Are sexy lot lizards like me allowed. I could hitch a ride with a trucker heading to Pittsburgh next Saturday.


    • Say what?

      If I go out to the Slovak Club it will be with an overture of friendship to agqut although he might tinterpret any gesture of good will as a homosexual advance, so maybe I should reconsider. Anyway, all of this jousting has been purely in fun. It's what real men do.


      PS: What does Ian have against me? I thought I was one of the good guys, LOL!

    • LMAO!

      What's up with the great humor?
      Do you think you have the free speech right to be in contention for Best Writer of 2012? Because mister you would be right!


    • "Overheard the nice receptionist remark to another office lady, "look at how yellow that guy's hand are"."

      I got me a yellow hand too but it's more from my 3 pack a day smoking habit than from being a man. I might also be a little jaundice. Those elevated bilirubin levels are a dead giveaway to my drinking problem. I'm forever trying to convince the ladies that a little yellow won't hurt them. It doesn't seem to work. Any tips?

      I'll bet you and I are a lot alike. Do you have dirt under and around your finger nails that can no longer be dislodged? Do you reek of sour body odor even after those once a week showers? Do you have flaming red spongy gums & a constant scraggly 5:00 shadow? That's how I picture you.

      "I singlehanded fired 2 - 1000HP water tube steam coal boilers at a coal mine, shoveled the coal in, shoveled the ashes out (think fireman on a railroad steam engine). I often pulled 48 hour shifts, 48 hours of constant work."

      You sound like the manliest of men. Keep those justifications of your manhood coming. We believe you. Berp.

    • Your id is gay.

      You have been exposed.


    • Oh Shack, are still so cheap you won't pick up the Czech? :-

      Just saying.

      And PS: don't back peddle. It's a poor exercise.

    • Methink you doth protesteth too much! There are far more pink triangles and purple rainbows around your place than there are missed bulls eye targets. You are a very very poor shot for a country bumkin. I think we all see how you've done a 'work around' 'reach around' on that Agqut. Enjoy!

    • Another shackpansy post hard copied and securely filed as possible evidence for the United States Attorney's office.

      Shackpansy, you are either totally stupid to be threatening to participate in three illegal activities each of which is a felony or you are bluffing. Stalking me at the Slovak Club is a felony. Threatening to do bodily harm to me at the Kinetix Sports Club is a felony. Calling my Czech wife a whore is a felony.

      Let's hope for your sake and your potential felonies you are actually bluffing. At any rate Yahoo ought to be apprised of the threatening nature of your postings.

      Do you think a registered letter from my attorney to Yahoo would get Yahoo's attention regarding you and your potential violations of the Stalking, Threats to do Violence, and Nasty Comments About a Spouse Act of 2014?

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