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  • i_mock_soily8 i_mock_soily8 Feb 21, 2012 11:19 PM Flag

    What a bunch of commie losers you all are


    This board is filled with losers and parasites. If you don't have a good job, it is either because you are lazy or stupid, or likely both. Stop blaming others for your failures.

    It is not 1% vs. 99%. It is 13% vs. 87%. And if you are too stupid to understand that the 13% are parasites and have a vastly disproportionate criminal element, then you have been duped by the dummy in chief, Mr. Obongo.

    Soily has sullied all of you with his communist and homosexual leanings.


    This topic is deleted.
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    • Your post is correct in the sense that Sullied has soiled this board, but very incorrect in your summation of our present American society. In short, a very tiny handful of sociopath rich commit self enriching crimes that damage society in the long run far more, and are heavily subsidized by our government, far more, than any group of poor, and they do far more damage than the tiny percent of criminals down in the so called "parasite" group.

      The true parasites of society are those who think they are important and chosen when much of the family money came from previous slave trading, drug running, bank wrecking, community wrecking, insider trading and war profiteering. Of course, the rich simply buy the politicians and lap dog press to hide their incredible crimes, while pointing the finger at far far lesser ones. So simply look at the facts and try not to regurgitate the pablum you have been fed by a corporate non-objective media. You only help the true criminals by doing so.

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