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  • sullys_ebay_board sullys_ebay_board Mar 10, 2012 2:36 AM Flag

    Some know when to make the RIGHT turn.

    I believe Robot is trying to pull you into a conversation proving to himself that you don't have him on ignore as you mentioned yesterday. That comment must've hurt his feelings deeply. Then again he would rely back on his usual Kiss-ups to get some comfort and maybe Kiss-up's daughter Gina who is best remembered as an idiot coming to this board under different IDs pretending to be someone new. Those ocassions gave plenty of right to praise Agqut in slapping silly the dirty cheap faces of Kiss-up. Karma is a bitoch, ain't it?

    Ummm, how old are they again?

    Cheers! "

    agqut's wise words put not only put Robot down where he should be, but many others, including myself.

    agqut is a GENIUS. Let me know if you want me to repost any of his wonderful
    posts which have been deleted by Robot's butt plug!

    Enjoy Elike, enjoy!!! Life is LARGE.

    I must admit, my good friend, that you create such a stir with the THING whenever you post. Good!

    Robot's don't get hurt feelings. Robots have no feelings to begin with and that is the crux, eh wise man elike?!!

    The Ignore feature is good and my foot soldiers readily agree.

    -Sully Rules

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    • Your post makes no sense Sybil. Just more lost lonely late late night lonely dribble. You're saying something about licking bleeding holes publicly (again) and blah blah blah that only your other IDs will find amusing? A tragic twisted life of hate is staring at your old man glare in your mirror. Enjoy!

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      • Are you, my 'tell it like it is' free speech poster child thing maybe you shouldn't use your free speech, to publicly kick, beat, and bash my free speech poster children Sybils of this board, who have lived here 247 for years, YEARS, in their misery and hatred, obsessed over a lie of their own creation, pleading for Their Master, pretending they ever invest, and living in a little tiny pack of Jackals because they can't stand on their own two feet and will never ever be men? Because Mister you would be wrong! Wrong I say!

    • Old Friend:

      Thank you for your much intelligently put reply. Here's another view to this battle with the Forces of Evil:

      You see, Robot is under impression that we are "jealous" over his election of that THING as the Author of Century. At first I posted a long comment completely rejecting the idea, in the post I mentioned people like that THING or Roman Polanski have abused their rights to be counted as humans. In case of Roman Polanski who at the time was one of my favorite directors in Hollywood, he served drinks to a minor and then had sex with her. I'm sorry that's way over the red line of any decent human being. Now imagine if he had received an award for his work, trust me when I tell you the intelligent and logical side of this world would be standing next to me rejecting such acknowledgement. So that was the reason I laughed at handing a title to Charles Kelly as The Author of Century. Completely unacceptable and can only be done by people with facked up value system. So Robot is free in thinking we're "jealous" when the intelligent community laughs at his weaseled-intended cause of acknowledging that animal Charles Kelly. Because we all know Robot did that to pump that animal Charles Kelly so IT would go harder at Robot's enemy flykning. Childish, isn't it? To think Robot works in a university is mind buggling isn't it?

      Furthermore to push them back to their corner I control their minds and thoughts. That's why I know this board needs me and I continue to own (with all due respect to Mr. Sully) my slave for the past 7 years and will continue to do so. Truth is it gives me certain sense of liberty as in defeating the Forces of Evil with my PEN brother!



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