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  • ebay_pays_my_bills ebay_pays_my_bills Mar 14, 2012 12:14 PM Flag

    I Sold it on Ebay

    Is that a 100% sell thru I'm experiencing. . .

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    • One thing more.
      In January I set up automatic email fulfillment for machinery service manuals sold in .pdf format.
      What a great system, ZERO time involved.
      The money effortlessly rolls in. I don't even open the transaction emails any longer.
      Working so well that expansion is a priority.

      One thing I did do is to state that every transaction is absolutely no-fault with an immediate full refund regardless of the reason. I refunded only one transaction so far out of 300. The buyer is more confidant knowing they won't have to wait for weeks and jump through eBay's "buyer protection farce" to get their money back.

    • 11,000+ FEEDBACKS!! = Impressive.
      On average you are selling four $75.00 items per day and I know your margins are over 50 percent. So $150.00+ per day clear money for handling just 4 items is fine. No six figure income, but good clean money, not slurped out of the taxpayer's slop trough like professor bozo.

      Instituted the shipping tip you gave me last year, great thing about it is that it not only saves money it also includes free pickup. It's just more money you put in my back pocket, Thanks.
      Also using your YouTube advice to success. I bought 200 arcane items at auction for $5.00 for the lot, sold all 200 within six months for $35.00 each. A buyer in France actually begged me to ship 25 to him, cost him about $300.00 freight but he was happy as could be, it was an item impossible to find. Of course it was off eBay.

      One piece of advice for you.(obviously you don't need it)
      100 percent sell through is great, but not if it occurs too fast.
      I now price my common buy it now items to sell within a month. If they sell in a couple of days it indicates your price was too low, if they sell in 2 to 3 weeks the price should be about right.
      Other less quickly sell-able items are purposely over-priced and listed GTC and often sit for months.

    • Really Johnie? Giving away items for pennies of the dollar again? Are you so "successful" you live here every waking minute of every day for almost 11 long wasted years, spewing your lies and hate?

      How many of those pitiful sales would you trade to have your completely trashed by your neglect daughter whole again? My guess is zero.

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