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  • ebay_pays_my_bills ebay_pays_my_bills Mar 21, 2012 11:26 PM Flag

    Only a True Coward

    Would need to hide behind the names of other posters!

    Because Mister that's just the way he is. . .

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    • Poor Tool Fool Baby! You "live" the "life" of a coward, a liar, and an 11 year 247 board troll stuck in "everyone is all one poster" lie. You believe your own lies. How utterly circular and psychotic.

      You have a coward's and liar's sad and pitiful existence, so how will your last moments be? Better than your pathetic eternity. God doesn't like it when you hook your own daughter and grand kid on drugs.

      Bikers don't like it when you have their pot growing in your house and most of all, you're too dumb and ignorant to realize you've abused all sympathy accorded to you. You took all that rope you were given and hung yourself.

      You're a "winner" in a rusting oil leaking Taurus. "Life" just keeps getting better for you. Not. Bet you wish you had those 11 years back you wasted as a board troll. So does your neglected teen daughter.

    • "Only a True Coward Would need to hide behind the names of other posters!"

      Bingo! Poor thing. Paying the naru price!

      -Sully Rules

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      • And then there's Sullied_Bored, the only bigger coward and liar than old Tool Fool. Isn't the pot grower calling the kettle black as Sullied has 1000s of IDs. 1000s! What a liar and coward, always hiding behind John and Sullied so she can keep her tongue way way up the @nus of the biggest losers who ever trolled a chat board.

        Probably the only way she can keep from killing herself over the shame. Imagine, while you encouraged John to be a board troll he wrecked his very own teenage daughter and grand baby. Such a proud and mighty troll you are! Bet you losers avoid mirrors like a vampire. Hey, we'll meet soon and I'll buy you both a stake.

    • (Would need to hide behind the names of other posters!)

      Or have a dozen other ID's.

    • "Would need to hide behind the names of other posters!"

      Are you suggesting that all the posters, like yourself, who have used imposter Madbezos IDs are cowards?

      I prefer to think of them as my fans. They are obsessed with me.


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      • Hey Professor Madbezos, is that most pitiful of my free speech poster children, John Osborne, Tool Fool, our Village Idiot, ebay's failing broke z50com, the worse 11 year (and continuing) free speech board troll, who trashed over 4000 Yahoo IDs like he trashed his teenaged daughter, trying to say that someone does not have the free speech right, nay the duty, to take his misuse of free speech, and free speech-ily shove it up John's backside over and over and over publicly, since he obviously wants to misuse his free speech saying 'everyone is all one poster' and of course they are all her enemy? Because Mister she would be wrong!

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