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  • fellow.professor fellow.professor Mar 24, 2012 1:16 PM Flag

    Ah my Lord

    Interesting Sully Board, Lordeliker and your 100s of documented IDs have invented a fantastic erroneous fiction yet stick to it year after year after year. No wonder you are a psychological case study of severe sociopathy at several of our finest universities.

    For the public's safety you real life is being intensely observed. It is not a good plan for a happy life or longevity, but amazing how you stick to that truly warped illusion you've created and believe.

    Due note the circular nature of your public obsession, severe anger and lunacy, and how it feeds itself never resolving. That would be your first clue you are out of step with the sane world.

    I'm not sure how long you will be allowed to stay outside of a cage. These are simply facts. Do familiarize yourself with the concept of facts and try harder to contain your dangerous pathological anger.

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    • Are you using your big words, my free speech poster child, to try to say that the Elicker Gang's public hate, anger and insanity overlooks the free speech notice above "do not assume... messages that abuse... law enforcement... et al, in their intense public anger and hate and that they may have a point coming in their 11 years of angrily trying to combat anger in 1000s of IDs and that their plans will ever work? Because Mister you would be wrong! Wrong and they know it.

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