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  • sullys_ebay_board sullys_ebay_board Mar 24, 2012 8:44 PM Flag

    What friggin' 3rd grade educated IDIOT does not know...,,

    ......the difference between a compound word and a contraction?

    We all know! OMG

    Not funny...........sad.

    -Sully Rules

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    • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.



    • Someone thinks, and now reiterates that "you're" is a compound word!

      Now all can see that we certainly are dealing with a complete IDIOT.
      Some children are taught and experience compound words in kindergarten!

      No amount of ignorant hate can change the contraction "you're" into a compound word. Not any amount.

      Dolt, indeed!

      Life is great people, thanks to Sully.

      Hey, "youare" is a cool compound word!!!! Not. Duh.

      -Sully Rules

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      • Poor baby dribbler, spewing your illiterate goo publicly on Saturday night, when everyone else is with family and friends. Daily. Yearly. Decade-ly! Eternally for you.

        I know compound words and contractions (but doubt you learned that, or anything, in the 3rd grade) but isn't it funny to dangle a little bait in front of you and see you blow a gasket in public? Getting your uterus all in a public twist. Matches your twisted panties.

        What a sad lonely "life" you have trying to prop and slop yourself and your idiotic Sullied IDs, but then again, you have nothing else. Nothing else to do in your "life".

        You're (your ha) a daily board troll because you know nothing, stand for nothing, can't take criticism, or your well deserved beatings, and the main reason: you can't go out in real life because people around you have caught on. Who's telling them about you? Your public posts. That's who.

        Enjoy sweating out your meth today. I'll do. have more lessons for you. I'll be kicking more dribble out of you. Always, You're goo. And your goo. You're always good for a laughs, at you expense. Ta!

    • A 'compound word' is what I used, a 'contraction' is what your uterus does every time anyone posts that isn't sullied. Hope that helps. LOL!

      Happy public tongue licking girl! Lick the illiterate. Back there. Publicly.

      ROTFLMAO at illiterate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Is IT fun talking to yourself?

        "A 'compound word' is what I used,....."

        Sure IT is!

        "Lick the illiterate."

        No thanks, I don't want anything to do with someone who will not admit when they are wrong.

        Let's review. You first stated "you're" was a compound word. When told "you're" was not a compound word, you said, "A 'compound word' is what I used,.....". After again being told "you're" was not a compound word, you stated that you were just dangling bait.
        I'll check back later to see what your story has changed to! LOL

        Again, some children are taught and experience compound words in kindergarten!
        Think hard about that. HARD.

        -Sully Rules

      • Are you, my free speech poster child, trying to use your free speech to say my sullied free speech poster child doesn't have a free speech right, nay the craven embarrassing need, to use her other ID to bail her sad illiterate self out, and tongue lick herself publicly? Because Mister you would be wrong. Never works though. Just saying'.

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