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  • sullyinmass2012 sullyinmass2012 May 15, 2012 9:32 AM Flag

    I don't want to be a NARU


    You need to go back on your medication. One minute you say your name is jen, then the next you say it is John Osborne. How many other names do you think you are?



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    • What are you babbling about g @ y Sullied? More of that 'everyone is all one poster' garbage that got my failed Daddy Grand Daddy set on the curb? You're even g @ y er than my failed Daddy Grand Daddy!

      I've never seen Your Master and Owner say he's me or failed Daddy Grand Daddy's ID. Are you talking out of your @ again hoping your sullied back door tongue licker will slip up and kiss you on the mouth?

      You are aren't you sullied old dog.

    • You're really stupid Sullied. Are you going to completely wreck your pitifully failed lonely miserable self, along with John Osborne's drug house simply because you have to call out to a poster from 5 years ago?

      You accomplish nothing else here every day. We all already know you're not an investor in anything but failed miserable lonely hate. It's all you have. All you will be. Calling your Master won't help that.

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