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  • flyktning_onde flyktning_onde Jul 4, 2012 12:02 PM Flag

    Silly Sully, I Have A Challange For You

    John, Sully and Sybil, take Independence Day off and use it as a mark to end our long ago lost board war. There's no reason to call to whatshisname, because it's obvious pages and pages, day after day, year after year, aren't solving anything.

    My embarrassment is how John's losing his house, and he, and all of us, may as well have buried him for all the help we've been. It's over. Our patter and reason to exist here have been totally exposed and discredited.

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    • Look at poor broke old John Osborne telling on herself again! Another tasty public tidbit, another glance into what caused her failure of z50com at her ongoing crime scene at 5008 Hanover Circle Cypress CA 90630. At least the Boy Scouts of America recognized a melting meth addict pedophile and gave John a very public demerit badge. Too late to save John's children from him though. How sick would one have to be to live with themselves knowing they destroyed their own kids? Sick!

    • Projecting again Charles or are you just jacking yourself off?

      Never mind, we don't want to know. . .

    • Wow! There's a nice tell on yourself John. Poor John Osborne, ebay's failing z50com, it's so nice to see you up here helping Your Master make money! You wreck your own ebay board and the chart, and just think, it only cost you every waking second (and all your tossing and turning dreams too) for 12 long years, your daughter,your son, your Boy Scout troop (you g@y sick freak, publicly noted and documented) your Skeletor wife, your foreclosed drug growing hovel at 5008 Hanover Circle Cypress CA 90630, your cars, your trucks, your barely observable self respect, your non-existent dignity, your tiny shred of credibility, your barely there by a shred sanity, and hopefully your useless worthless "life". All your doing. All your doing.

      Your Master feels that's a fair trade.

      Continue helping HIM. There's a good gurl. Show everyone you don't do meth by spewing 100 posts gurl. Show everyone how the AIDS is not up yours. Deeply.

    • Seriously Silly Sullied! I wish I'd never hired you to wreck the board. You're an embarrassment to yourself and everyone. That man kicks your head around like a soccer ball and you're setting John out on the curb. Which part of "it's over. We lost" can you not get in your fat useless Mass hole head?

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