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  • sybil.dribble sybil.dribble Jul 20, 2012 1:08 PM Flag

    Sybil Gang Busy Weeing Down Legs Again. Again.

    The poor broke melting Sybil Gang Of Trolls are weeing down investors legs, and there own legs so hard these days! It's the only warmth they have in life!

    Hating others, blaming others, spamming to themselves, spamming their meth brained "logic". They don't own any stock but think trying to blame a long gone poster for their daily misery helps them. It has only discredited them.

    They have 1000s of IDs but think someone else does, they spam and talk to themselves but think someone else does. They think one or two posts that own them equate to their 20+ posts per page of hate melting. 12 long years they have been board trolls here:

    1. Sybil Sullied (who had 100s of IDs and g@yly says Sully owns the board). But the last few days we've seen investors try to chat.

    2. Sullied Sybil (who thinks everyone wants to be him, a drug addled old repeating herself spammer with 100s of IDs).

    3. John Osborne, (ebay's sad z50com, our longest been here 12 years old wasted failed parent and failed grand parent, who has trashed over 3000 Yahoo IDs and the loser who couldn't pay for his house and still wants to believe his own ebay_pays_my_bills lies).

    4. And their Daddy Flyktning (the bean counting lurker who runs the entire Sybil Gang show, trying to wreck the board because he can't get his Daddy Madbezos's love and Best Author award, and people found out he was the one deleting posts and IDs).

    Losers all! The signs of a Sybil ID:

    a. They are slightly g@y innuendo IDs. b. they almost always taunt or name Their Real Master/Owner. c. They almost never make sens. e. They act like they know each other because they're and organized pumping gang. f. They always made f's in school. g. They do they lower case c in their ongoing meth addled perserveration.h. They act 10 years old but are in their 50s and 60s.

    And all day long they spin because this stock can't stand on it's own merits and only exists to be pumped and dumped for ebay insider management. You can believe the Sybil Gang Of Trolls daily lying melting BS, or see through it. They melt daily because too many have seen through it! They blame another for what they do. Sad.

    That's our Sybil Gang Of Board Trolls! They make zero money! They lie and sweat about typos. They repeat their lies and blame a long gone poster. They jibber and jabber in their little circle of jerks.

    If they got a penny a post they would've been rich. Oh well, no one wants rich meth heads. No one.

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