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  • sharpeyeddude sharpeyeddude Aug 20, 2012 12:05 AM Flag

    todd akin, MO. on "legitimate rape"

    view this in his own words. You can't make this stuff up.

    Todd Akin On Abortion: 'Legitimate Rape' Victims Have 'Ways To Try To Shut That Whole Thing Down'

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    • Good morning Sharpey, I see the angry angry Obama haters up here didn't want to touch this with any rethuglicons pole, but it ought to take the cake and cost them the election. No thinking woman should go near Romney/Ryan.

      I'm sure the rethuglicons want to avoid talk of rape, well the talk of some of them openly saying what they feel in secret with theie war on woman, because that will remind the people how they have raped the nation since Nixon every chance they got.

      Of course, few voters get pregnant with a rethuglicon's administration rape of the nation because "we have biological ways of stopping that": voting!

      I bet Romney is really scared having picked a Tea Bagger as his running mate since rethugs where already lukewarm to cold on him, and that side of the line has a lot of guns and don't mind shooting (Gifford and more) to get their way. Romney doesn't have a chance getting elected, but I bet the rabid wing already want Lyin' Ryan in there. I'm sure they wanbt to tell the voters "relax and enjoy it".

      I see ebay's in the red again and yet no one can see that the "markets" we have are not free and none of these pumped up values can be maintained by pouring endless amounts of fiat currancy at them. Get ready for a storm of beyond belief.

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