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  • ebayalphamale ebayalphamale Sep 2, 2012 2:26 PM Flag

    Every President Since 1978 Lied About Osama.

    Ever since Jimmy Carter helped arm the Taliban against Russia, to Reagan and Ollie North trading weapons to terrorists to arm the Contras (more terrorists) to the fictions of Bush 1, Bill Clinton and especially Bush Junior, and topping it off with Obama's BS about killing a guy who was probably already dead back in 2000, Osama, our former ally, has been demonized and the blame for an attack he couldn't possibly have done: Sept 11.

    There is no way a guy in cave on a cell phone could get the entire US defense to stand down and let those attacks happen. There are 1000s of architects, engineers and scientists who demand an actual investigation beyond the BS cover story the US government cooked up, so they could have endlessly profitable invasions everywhere.

    Since almost no truths about Obama have been said why wouldn't there be lies and serious questions about his so called killing?

    I'm sure Osama will come out with yey another tape explaining his own death properly when they decide which of his 4 different pictures will hold the most traction with the dumbed down American voters.

    PS: Why are we paying the Taliban to let our supply convoys through? Why are we now helping Al Q in Syria? Hard questions that seem to never get asked by the soft minded.

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    • Or maybe it was this one that made Mom finally leave the trailer for her own safety and sanity? What an amazing mind, my g@y failed Daddy failed grand Daddy is so outclassed! Amazing!

    • Poor broke g@y failed Daddy Grand Daddy. So 6 months ago.

    • "How's your life alone in the trailer"

      Buy a tool, get my new address and continue your stalking

      What else do you have in life?

    • Poor broke g@y failed Daddy Grand Daddy. Still not my name there, nor where I live, but if you were 1/10 as clever as you think you are you would have a job, and a house, and a daughter, and a grand kid, and any self respect or credibility and not be fixated and obsessed over men from 2005.

      I make $35 an hour, take home, pricking you and laughing at how you bleed. How's your life alone in the trailer since Grand Ma rescued Mom? Why is z50com and your even sadder ebay site struggling so badly? Too much melt time?

    • People from Chicago live in a BLACK state!!!

      Goodbye Red White and Blue, I loved you.

      But now it's BLACK, and I don't see a way back..

      Whatever you do, don't vote for Barack! Don't RE-NIG!

    • "and learn to like colors"

      Are you one of those "Blue Men" Green with envy or just a Yellow Fat Bellied Texan?

      PS: You live in a Red state. . .

    • Poor broke g@y failed Daddy Grand Daddy, do you think your public sickness about that long ago man has shown you to be an obsessed lying racist fool? Play naked Twister with Uncle Agqut and learn to like colors! Lordd knows you have nothing else to live for.

    • "Only 10 percent of the world's population is Caucasian -- BLACK IS A DOMINANT GENE, it's just a matter time UNTIL WE BREED YOU OUT OF EXISTENCE."

      I remember Louis Farrakhan gaining momentum in the 80's saying to the blacks “Just Keep Having Those Babies”. It was the Black Power Movement. And its STILL moving - - - ½ on WELFARE!

      Where is “White Power”
      Where is “Miss White America”
      Where is “WET”
      Where is “White Sheen”
      Where is “Ivory” magazine
      Where is “White Pride”

      Blacks are the ones who are prejudice against WHITES. Maybe they have secretly always been, but even more so since Obama got elected, they walk around with a sense of ENTITLEMENT that they don’t deserve.

      I was not much prejudice before O’bama, but now, sorry, I can’t help it.

      PS: I did not rec anyone down, when I went to rec 5 stars, it turned to two.... Sorry.. Now I remember why I don't rec...

    • Charles, your clueless.

      I grew up in Compton Ca. in the 60's & 70's

      Look it up and learn something. . .

    • Gee Uncle Agqut, you and my g@y failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy are so racist and g@y! You should play Twister together and learn to like colors!

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