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  • midnite.oasis midnite.oasis Oct 22, 2012 10:01 AM Flag

    There's that Pesky Ebay $50 Again

    John, how do I put an item "on sale"? Maybe I should word that, how do I mark an item down so buyers can see the mark down? I have seen auctions where there is a red line through the original price and it shows the sale price.

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    • You have to have an Ebay store to use markdown manager. I liked that feature but it wasn't worth the $15 a month Ebay charges for a store. I pay a little more for listings but Ebay is denied my $15. I dropped my store because Ebay ripped me off of being a Top Rated Seller for a month and I lost $50 in FVF discounts so I closed our store for a few months to make up the difference.
      Sometimes I HATE Ebay! ! !

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      • Thanks. I listed 5 things for the first time in over a year and eBay pulled 3 of them. Reminded me of why I quit selling on a regular basis. Just sold one of the 3 off ebay and was told by that person the other 2 should not have been pulled. Luckily that person emailed me before the one got pulled so I contacted him and he was more than happy to pay my asking paid as a PP gift so no fees there either... I stuck it to eBay and am proud of it. Thanks again.

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